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New Zealand now officially criminalising freedom of speech

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arderne is a Young Global Leader in Klaus Schawb’s World Economic Forum. New Zealand is being used as testbed for introducing draconian anti-free speech laws – equating views that differ from the government being potential terrorism and calling for neighbours to inform on those that do.

2 thoughts on “New Zealand now officially criminalising freedom of speech”

  1. They know they’re losing the public’s respect! Try as they may they will never silence the truth. Watch them squirm! We’re tired of the lies. Time for these scrupulous politicians to pay the piper or get on a first-class ticket to prison where they all belong.

  2. Herr Klaus vil be so proud of his two radicalized underlings Jabcinda and Justine. The WEF has agenda and that is to suppress FREE SPEECH.

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