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5 thoughts on “Travelling to Sydney last Friday 25 November 2022 (includes sleeping on the bench)”

  1. It was so nice for you to take us on this trip with you. It looks so calm and the weather also plays along. I know you did enjoy your trip.
    Talking about freedom – our Press T-Shirt also carries the word “FREEDOM” on the back emblem and the “TRUTH PREVAIL” on the front for those who have not seen it yet.
    Scott, you are brave, you should have put on a warm jacket that time of the morning.
    Enjoy your trip further.
    Yes, God is protecting us 24/7.

  2. At least in Australia you can still safely take a train. In South Africa you would be lucky if you are not mugged, raped or killed on the way to the station/at the station/or on the train. That of course if there are any trains running or better still if you can find a working station

  3. The biggest. mind boggling difference to SA was the cleanliness and safety of stations and transport. Even though I have been all over Europe and used public transport, this was on another level.

    Thank you Scot, this was so inspiring.

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