Fake mainstream media in South Africa have a field day over “racism” allegations

You don’t have to be a genius to realise that racism only applies to the behaviour of white people in South Africa (because “blacks” are oppressed). In a classic storm in a teacup a minor incident at a residents only swimming pool at Maselspoort resort (Bloemfontein) three white men have been charged by police with charges including attempted murder.

5 thoughts on “Fake mainstream media in South Africa have a field day over “racism” allegations”

  1. “Racism” is an antiwhite slur meant only to victimise White people. The same oligarchs of Semiteness pushing all this in the antiwhite narrative (the fictional crap that we are forced to live under across the World), and who control the MSM turn all things on their head.
    As for “oppressed” as in blacks, actuall reality is “privileged”.
    The oligarchs of semiticness hate White peple and do all they can to run Westernkind down.

  2. case of terrorists at work making up stories. all planned days before .better off going to Swaziland much safer for a swim

  3. White people need to be more careful because the darkies often stir up trouble to get a reaction like this. They know the police and media will side with the darkies no matter what. The whities should have gone to fetch management and security. Look, I understand attacking a child is terrible. But whites are persecuted in SA, so this sort of thing can get you thrown in jail, because there is seldom true justice for whites anymore. So that poor white child will go years without her father.

  4. Yea you are so right. I blame the political party’s for creating racism and tension in SA I have NEVER seen a political party try bring people together especially the ruling party. Just thee other day a political pary called for the killing of whites nothing was done about that and nothing will.

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