The one world government’s Trojan horse – the world health organisation

Have you heard about the World Health Organisation’s pandemic treaty apparently rejected by African nations last year? Well, not so much, the World Health Organisation (an arm of the United Nations (read new world order)) are currently putting in amendments which will allow the same controls to happen over you regardless of your location in the world today. The vaccine passport will lead to a chip and you being marked by the beast that the Bible refers to.

2 thoughts on “The one world government’s Trojan horse – the world health organisation”

  1. They all could go jump in the lake then, and they still can go jump in the lake now. Their bioweapon will never enter my body period. They are from their father the Devil. But greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world. Praise the Lord Jesus, amen!

  2. @Scott:- Unfortunately living in Europe I know that people would go for this Digital ID in mass that is how stupid people are especially in the UK and Ireland. Even sheep would look at them and scratch their heads.
    I think you and I know in our hearts and you can feel it too that people all over world would fall for this lie and wouldn’t have clue that they have been deceived.

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