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Youtube shut down our live stream with Dr Peter Hammond last night – but we have the answer

Near the end of my live stream with Dr Peter Hammond last night a silent troll reported our channel to Youtube for going against the World Health Organisation’s highly compromised doctrine on the experimental jab. Loving Life is highly experienced in dealing with such censorship and the entire live stream – including what transpired after Youtube blocked it is linked here on Loving Life TV: http://lovinglifetv.com/live-dr-peter-hammond-resistance-to-revolutionary-reset/

7 thoughts on “Youtube shut down our live stream with Dr Peter Hammond last night – but we have the answer”

  1. Thanks Scott. Knew you would have a plan. These trolls are really irritating. Tc and fight the good fight.

  2. It’s because these trolls are jealous because we are hearing the truth … so i hope the trolls will fly 1 way ticket no return to hell.

  3. Well done, Scott, we are still on the path of The Truth & Freedom because we got the full armor on against these scumbags.

  4. Shame shame shame….the fools are so terrified of The Truth. They cannot handle being told about what is in front of their faces. Their loss…they are the real useless eaters. Keep up the fight Scott…The Truth will prevail

  5. The Cape secession idea is starting to make sense, because at the rate of energy depletion now, the Gauteng region will not have any industry running successfully and then the western cape region will have just as much energy available as the Gauteng region….that is next to zero…. At least the W-Cape will have independance as to be able to put up a fight against the SA-Globalist terrorists and the rest of free loving South Africans will flee to this area and will have to shape an army as to protect the Koeberg power station from the destroyers as to use the only energy source left in SA. If the grid is destroyed then not even Koeberg will be of any use. The ancs really did a good job destroying SA for the nwo agenda.

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