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4 thoughts on “WARNING GRAPHIC: Mob justice in South Africa”

  1. 30 Years and they haven’t changed a single bit but, take the country 100 years backwards.
    Here I am looking for a job in South Africa because the UK sucks piles!
    Thousands of migrants coming into the country on a daily bases and if you’re white you’re not aloud to talk about it or you will be called a racist and every other insulting derogatory name they can think of and the UK is full of Liberals (Communists).

  2. What the hell is wrong with them. They are not people they are hell theres no words for them. They will never change never. No wonder God will
    Destroy look at this.

  3. They can only project their own bio-spirit, just like Whites can. The non-white antiwhites deal with these things in this manner and no attempt to to get them to behave like Westernkind can ever work.

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