US Department of Defense manufactured the covid bioweapon to invoke a genocide

The truth is now filtering out the fake mainstream media’s lies that this covid jab was safe and effective is now being shown to be a genocidal bioweapon planned by the new world order.

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  1. Also look up Katherine Watt about the global extermination process. It seems that the BUNKERS that were built all over the globe served as a motivational force to get all freemasons and politicians and satanists to assist in this process and the highly secure bunkers are well stocked with food for 5 or so years for the limited few. To house 7 billion people would have been impossible with bunkers with Titanium walls and waterproofed . So very intelligent ‘good’ people sacraficed mankind as to save their own asses. The climate change is real ito earth being radiated by our magnetoshere that eroded and the cause…look up the second (infrared invisible) sun next to our sun at THIS MOMENT. Look at planet x news of Scott C’one if it is not taken down yet. Perfect Nasa images as proof. How long still…they don’t even know…

    1. It could be that after the catastrophy of some kind, the cities and buildings planned now will still be standing (those that were not nuked or haarp or war shaken to rubble.) They will just be radiated a lot and cooked a little bit. So the surviving globalists will emerge with lots of dna stockpiled to set free a new set of incubator babies as slaves to REPOPULATE, like in the Tartarian era. The buildings will be there to accommodate them. Even high rise Saudi wonders will still be intact unless this second sun throws out a surprise package at earth.

      1. Imagine the scenario if the globalist don’t kill us all before they go hiding in the Bunkers…They can’t wait till the radiation is upon them so they have to have a clean earth before they get the instruction that radiation levels are now high and they must go down under. If worthwhile buildings are left unattended some humans will be able to live in them for a few months and then die in them. When the elite comes out of the bunkers after some time they will encounter this huge problem to remove all carcasses or remains or skeletons before they can use the spaces again. So they will kill us and have soldiers and police do their dirty work for them now and kill them last where the fewer numbers can be handled with robots and mechanical devices.

        1. That is why health care workers and police and soldiers in all countries got all the shots as make it possible that simply turning on microwaves from 5G towers can kill and burn up those injected with GO and parasites. They will be the last to go.

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