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SKIDMARKS: UK Collapses in front of our eyes but the British are sleepwalking

UK Collapses in front of our eyes but the British are sleepwalking to their end. You better wake up and see what the politicians are doing to you or you will wake up when it is over.

5 thoughts on “SKIDMARKS: UK Collapses in front of our eyes but the British are sleepwalking”

  1. @SKIDMARKS:- You are absolutely 100% right about Britain. The British will absolutely welcome these migrants into the country with open arms and also give their daughters and wives to these migrants.
    The area where I live is extremely liberal. The white woman here fall ass over tip for the blacks, Indians and Arabs (Muslims) and they love it and yet they are ashamed and hate their own race.
    From my experience having lived in the UK for 20 years now these British have absolutely nothing but Hate, Contempt and resentment for White Rhodesians and White South Africans.
    When you tell them about the concentration camps in South Africa that they invented in South Africa and what they did to the Boer woman and Children and the Blacks they vehemently deny it.
    Over 80% of the British are Vaccinated so they will start dying off soon but not soon enough.
    The British are the most stupid, Ignorant and arrogant people I have ever met in my life.
    Just about every TV/Magazine/Newspaper advert has a white woman married or involved with a non – white person usually black. This is how they indoctrinate and subvert the white man/woman.
    It has now got to a point that I want to return to South Africa because I am so sick of the British they make me physically sick to my stomach.
    You Afrikaners are absolutely right about them.
    Karma’s coming for them now!

  2. @Skidmarks:- When I return to South Africa I don’t want to see or have anything to do with the British ever again in my life.
    Funny thing is after 20 years my accent has never changed and I don’t sound like one of these Sout Piele one bit, thank f…. for that.

  3. There is a plan here in the UK where they the Government are bringing in thousands of Migrants daily.
    They are now asking Landlords to house these migrants and the government will pay the migrants rents in full.
    What Landlords are now doing is evicting their tenants and taking these migrants in, there is a rumour doing the rounds they are evicting long-term tenants as well and the British people are completely unaware of it. They are evicting entire families who are renting.
    No one is saying a thing and MSM are remaining silent on the matter.
    This would suggest that MSM is complicit in it.
    This is all part of the Kalergi Plan.

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