Possession of diamonds, accused sentenced, Springbok

22-Year-old David Makatees was found guilty and sentenced by the Springbok Regional Court on Monday, 03 April 2023 for illegal possession of uncut diamonds.

In May 2022, a vehicle was spotted driving by Buffelsrivier road towards Springbok from a well-known illegal mining area when it was stopped and searched.

During the search, the driver was found in possession of eight objects resembling diamonds. The objects were later taken for evaluation and they were confirmed to be diamonds weighing 1.3 carats with an estimated value of R8 843.

A thorough investigation by the Hawks’ Serious Organised Crime Investigation team resulted in Makatees being summoned to appear in court on Tuesday, 30 January 2023.

The accused made several court appearances until his sentence.

The accused was sentenced to a fine of R10 000 or three years’ imprisonment wholly suspended for five years on condition that the accused is not found guilty for contravention of the Diamond Act. Failing to pay a fine, he will serve direct imprisonment.

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  1. I am very sorry that this happened to a David Makatees. These laws were written by the Rothchild’s and De Beers who literally own South Africa. These laws should be scrapped because if you find a diamond it should be yours to keep and do as you please with it.

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