8 Municipalities in the North West placed under financial administration

The FF Plus sent an urgent official letter to the North West Premier, Bushy Maape on 19 April 2023, demanding that a stringent legislature-oversight mechanism must be implemented to monitor the actions of municipal administrators in the province.

The letter follows an announcement by the province’s MEC for Cooperative Governance, Traditional Affairs and Housing (COGHSTA), Nono Moloi, that eight municipalities in the North West have been placed under financial administration.

This step along with the appointment of financial administrators for the relevant municipalities was taken in terms of Section 139(5) of the Constitution with the apparent aim of intervening at struggling municipalities.

In the past and under ANC rule, however, the Section 139(5) interventions in the province have not delivered many positive outcomes.

In most cases, it simply allowed the corrupt practices to continue, albeit in different ways. This is repeatedly confirmed in the annual reports by the Auditor-General (AG).

The FF Plus has pointed out numerous times that such interventions at municipalities are doomed to fail if there is no proper oversight to hold the administrators accountable.

It is senseless to take away the power to oversee municipal managements from municipal councils and to transfer it to administrators who are apparently accountable to no-one.

It is a recipe for large-scale corruption, as the track record shows.

The FF Plus will keep fighting against ANC mismanagement and corruption at municipalities in North West.

The people of North West deserve better than the ANC.

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