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Woman (25) raped in front of her mother, Bushbuckridge

Two suspects aged 32 and 50 years are expected to appear in Bushbuckridge Magistrate’s court on 24 April 2023, following the rape of two victims, both aged 25 years, in the presence of their mothers in separate incidents at Saselane trust, Bushbuckridge.

In the first incident, a 50-year-old stepfather allegedly came to the victim’s house whilst the victim was already asleep with her mother on Tuesday, 18 April 2023 at about 21:00.

According to information received, the victim’s stepfather knocked and the victim’s mother allowed him in. He asked for something to eat and immediately after eating he went straight where the victim and her mother were sleeping and forcefully raped the victim whilst her mother was watching.

He thereafter left the two in the house.

After the victim realised that her mother did not entertain her ordeal, she then reported to her sister who is not staying with them at home. Her sister advised her to report the matter to the police.

In a separate incident, a 32-year-old suspect arrived at the victim’s house who was with her mother on Sunday, 23 April 2023 at about 19:30.

The suspect who is allegedly feared by the family never uttered a word on his arrival, it is reported that he just dragged the victim to a separate house at the victim’s residential place where he forcefully raped her and threatened her not to tell anyone as he will assault her.

The suspect who shares the same surname with the victim is alleged to be staying in the neighbourhood.

Preliminary investigation revealed that it was not the first time the suspect forcefully raped the victim as she can recall that the last time she was victimised was in January this year.

The traumatised victim then reported the matter to her sister who is not staying with them at home. The victim’s sister advised that the matter be reported to the police.

Both suspects were arrested.

The Provincial Commissioner of Mpumalanga SAPS Lieutenant General Semakaleng Daphney Manamela condemned the inhumane acts and said police in Mpumalanga will do their best to do away with Gender Based Violence. “It is unacceptable and heart-breaking when someone you need to put trust on, a stepfather and a relative is the one who disrespects your human dignity instead of offering protection,” concluded Lieutenant General Manamela.

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