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2 thoughts on “DAILY INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO (26 April 2023) – Ag Pleez Deddy”

  1. Those were definitely the days when people were normal, boys were boys and girls were girls. Good controlled evil….now heaven help us

  2. The DEALS HOTEL in East London was a popular jol place. The house band was The Dealians. They had 4 big hits on the radio and were very popular in those days. They also played at our matric farewell party.
    How is that for grabbing a top 20 band for your matric party?
    OK, we were only allowed to drink Canada Dry, Pepsi, Coke, and some strange “fruit” punch.
    Those were the good old days and we always had a good time with no worries in the world. Taking your cherry ( or goose or chick ) to the movies on a Saturday afternoon was the highlight of every week plus the jive session the Saturday evening. Sundays were beach time and we all hang out there with our friends and jol in the waves with our surfboards and lilos. Sunday late afternoon was Roadhouse time for hot dogs and coke. After six we all pile into a friend’s valiant and went to the drive-in. Most of the time we do not even know what movies were showing. It was normally double features and we sat in front in little vry-hokkies.
    Yes, those were the days. Good and lekker days, I must say.

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