Pedophile Bill Gates funds a book by Planned Parenthood aimed at girls under ten to become prostitutes

Gates association with pedophile Jeffrey Eppstein is well known – he was a regular on the flights to Eppstein’s island on the Lolita Express. Gates’ father was on the board of the abortion specialists Planned Parenthood and now Bill is funding their latest evil travesty. Planned Parenthood are also pushing and facilitating transgender to young children – all in the name of making money.

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7 thoughts on “Pedophile Bill Gates funds a book by Planned Parenthood aimed at girls under ten to become prostitutes”

  1. Sadly just like Fauci and Hunter Biden,Billy Boy is untouchable. No matter how much evidence is produced, these evil monsters laugh at their accusers because they have money. Money talks.

  2. Imagine that some mad man did what Gates is doing now, many years ago, and that Gates’s mother was one of these prostitute girls and she had a baby gates and later Gates found out about her….how would gates feel about it..?..but then it seems that Gates has lost all sense of good morals and standards. Money can clothe Gates in the best of suits, but his soul is covered in dirt.

  3. The globalist ICC placed Putin on a list of wanted criminals for defending the Russian population against the Nazi Biden administration and claiming he must be prosecuted for war crimes …Gates is waging a vaccine and depopulation war against innocent people and he can travel freely. And now this that is also a war crime in a way ? How can any sane man support his actions. With his Epstein connection, it could be that he had other agreements with Epstein also…how about Epstein provided him with kids (lab rats) as to test the vaccines on?.

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