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3 thoughts on “Pravin Gordhan accuses De Ruyter of being arrogant, requiring humility and using apartheid tactics”

  1. ALL state owned enterprises are completed looted and destroyed, not only at Eskom. This shows wide scale corruption in every sector of governance, because you can’t have such large scale looting and no one high up is not aware of it or involved. The ANC are poor at governing, in fact they are completely useless. De Ruyter was just brave enough to call these corrupt buggers out. These buggers knew he wasn’t going to play their game so they started surveillance on him, tried to poison him and use their age old favourite, Apartheid is to blame crap. Talk about humility, why doesn’t the ANC get some humility and just admit they are useless, corrupt and RACIST? Now there is something we all can agree on! Classic ANC, push the blame somewhere else, but like I say look at ALL state owned enterprises, they are ALL corrupt, every single one of them, that’s no coincidence!!! And the “eat” comment sounds exactly how the ANC think, De Ruyter did not make that up.

  2. Pravin Gordhan is as dirty as his other ANC puppets…but of course apartheid and whites are to blame. They will never take the blame for anything….a working functioning country has been destroyed and looted during the reign of the corrupt cANCer…and everyone knows this

  3. Not so very long ago people all over social media chanted on a daily basis: “Pravin for President!!” At some stage I even thought he might be one of the better ones, but in the end they are all scum

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