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5 thoughts on “Russell Brand in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons”

  1. Taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture I reckon the Russell Brand MSM frenzy is a distraction from what the antiwhite oligarchs are doing including flooding Western countries with border crossers on a scale never before known in World history.

    1. When I take a step back, i see the distraction part, but there is more: the denigration of succesfull white men.

  2. These puppets are but the faces of the problem. The problem lies with the secret organizations and string pullers and a first line of our defense would be to SHAME anyone belonging to it in any way. Wives as part of families with these parasites parading as husbands and community leaders, should expose these parasites. They are lurking in organized churches and corporations and positions of influence. Unless the ‘wives’ are also sometimes already drawn into the MK web, they are the pillars of a family caring for children and willing to die for them. Making sure that future wives are educated in the MK system is VERY important as this is where the secret society members can be eradicated as to remove their platforms in ‘families’ as to MK society and so destroy the fabric of families and HUMAN NATURE. The technocratic anti human movement is pushing the artificial digital (satanic) world as apposed to God’s wonderful creation with the eco system and our dna and tuned to the earth’s vibration. Our mind’s vibration or resonance is also 7,83 Hz like earth’s. It is as if God created us here as owners of this place and these parasites want to take it away from us but they also feed on us like true parasites. Parasite aliens are spreading now through the jabs and the humans (like Fauci/gates etc) allowing this, are working with them as they have been promised something wonderful in return. If the alien parasites are so powerful, they can remove these CO-WORKERS any time they want. If God’s dna is gone, then we are gone with it. Our whole earth is built around emotion and love and even war and pain exposes the inner power of love as in God and not as love in satan. What love can exist killing children and drinking their adrenachrome blood or eating them as part of a Bohemian festival attended by secret society parasites? Our future lies with all humans trying to preserve bonded family life and traditions and building positive constructive cultures again. (that is what is being destroyed now.. with migrants and Brand games)

  3. Warning bells should start ringing when someone who is so immoral and promiscuous as Russell Brand, says he likes Jesus.

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