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Two armed robbery suspects arrested, Motherwell

A commendable success unfolded in the vigilant efforts of the South African Police Service (SAPS) last night, 15 November 2023, when members from SAPS Motherwell responded to a street robbery of cell phone that took place at 21:45 at Nkolo Street, NU9, Motherwell. Reacting to the complaint, they found the alleged culprits leisurely seated in front of a shop on the very same street at 22:15. The breakthrough occurred thanks to the assistance of the female complainant, who had reported the theft of her cell phone at SAPS Motherwell. She accompanied and guided the officers to the crime scene, positively identifying them as the assailants who had robbed her.

Upon arresting and searching the suspects (aged 28 and 29), they were found in possession of a replica firearm (gas-operated), prompting the escalation of charges to armed robbery.

While this was taking place, an armed robbery case was also being opened at a petrol station in NU9. The suspects’ clothing description also matched that robbery, as well as the replica fire arm that was used to commit the robbery. The two suspects are subsequently also being linked and charged for that crime.

SAPS Motherwell investigators are unearthing potential connections between the arrested duo and a series of armed robberies that have occurred in the NU9 area over the past week. The ongoing investigations are poised to shed light on whether the suspects are linked to these previous incidents.

Major General Vuyisile Ncata, the SAPS District Commissioner for Nelson Mandela Bay District, expressed satisfaction at the breakthroughs achieved in curbing the robberies in the area. He emphasized the concerning trend of perpetrators resorting to replica firearms and toy guns, cautioning that the severity of the crime remains unchanged. Major General Ncata also issued a stern warning that SAPS treats suspects possessing replica firearms with the same gravity as those with real firearms, underscoring the potential risks that suspects may face, including injury or fatality, depending on the circumstances surrounding their apprehension.

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