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Julian Assange freed at last and on his way home despite the attempts by US secret service organisations to have him imprisoned

Julian Assange has through sheer dogged determination escaped the tape worm of military intelligence organisations like the CIA, NSA and FBI in the USA. He is on his way home from the the UK to Australia.
Julian Assange is free. He left Belmarsh maximum security prison on the morning of 24 June, after having spent 1901 days there. He was granted bail by the High Court in London and was released at Stansted airport during the afternoon, where he boarded a plane and departed the UK.

This is the result of a global campaign that spanned grass-roots organisers, press freedom campaigners, legislators and leaders from across the political spectrum, all the way to the United Nations. This created the space for a long period of negotiations with the US Department of Justice, leading to a deal that has not yet been formally finalised.

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