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Now that the dust has settled on the 29 May elections in South Africa here are my predictions for what could happen before the start of the Paris Olympics in just a month’s time.

The three predicted outcomes for the GNU:
1) It will stagger on for a few months before infighting between the DA and ANC causes its demise
2) The GNU won’t get to first base as a result of the uncompromising positions of the DA and ANC
3) There will be a revote called by the IEC resulting in the decimation of the three main GNU partners – the DA, AMC and IFP with MK doubling its vote across the country.

If there is a reelection called I would suggest the ANC vote could drop to 30-35%; DA down to just 10% (because of allegations of racism); IFP in KwaZulu Natal down by a huge % WITH MK being the big winners and potentially doubling their vote.

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