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Police officers patrolling and enforcing the law in Attridgeville in Tshwane

Citizens of Atteridgeville in Tshwane, were woken up with the streets flooded with Police officers patrolling and enforcing the law.

This multidisciplinary team was led by Brigadier Samuel Thine, the Acting District Commissioner of Tshwane.

Thanks to their efforts and cooperation with various agencies and community groups, 323 suspects were arrested for different crimes.

This operation involved teamwork with departments like Home Affairs, Labour, Gauteng Traffic, and local law enforcement, including the Tshwane Metro Police and Community Policing Forums. Officers from different SAPS stations also played crucial roles.

The activities included patrols in crime-prone areas, inspections for compliance, and crackdowns on illegal alcohol sales.

Tshwane Detective teams nabbed 281 suspects, including those involved in serious crimes like 78 for gender-based violence, two for murder, one for attempted murder, six for armed robbery and four for rape.

Three tactical teams of officers were deployed to patrol the Atteridgeville area, leading to the closing of an illegal shebeen and the confiscation of 28 150 ml of illicit liquor for not being compliant with the liquor act.

Additionally, 33 undocumented immigrants were detained for deportation.

During the operation, 1 298 individuals and 672 vehicles were searched, resulting in the arrest of three suspects for possession and dealing in drugs when various drugs were found in their possession with two persons were arrested for possession of illicit cigarettes. One person was for possession of suspected stolen property with another individual arrested for operating an illegal gambling machine.

Furthermore, 272 traffic violation notices were issued, amounting to R114 950 in fines.

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