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It’s a wrap – my final message as I hand over Loving Life TV to our forum administrator Nat Quinns

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8 thoughts on “It’s a wrap – my final message as I hand over Loving Life TV to our forum administrator Nat Quinns”

  1. Thank you Scott. I am having a tough time finding the right words to say.
    No matter how I try I will never come out with the right words.

    I will do my absolute best to not let you or Loving Life down.
    It is a huge honor that you have chosen me to keep the forums going and the newsletter.

    I am sure you are sad, however remember to live now is your time to relax,walk on the beach,feel the wind in your hair.
    Enjoy the break and take your time , you deserve it.

    Thank you for trusting me and giving me this opportunity once again.
    You sure will be missed .

  2. So sad to see you go buddy boy. I sure will miss seeing you and that ever friendly greeting which I believe is a trademark of Lovinglife ” Goeie dag, good day fellow South Africans and citizens of the world “. Thank you for setting up Loving Life and having the courage to take on the scamdemic purveyors .Also thanks for exposing the corrupt ANC to the rest of the world. For revealing the truth as to what the ANC has done to a once fantastic country. Time for the Old Fart to hang up his guns and quietly enjoy some me time. Let’s not forget how many times you brought out your “POG MAHONE ” sign when no other words could describe your feelings about a certain corrupt individual or organisation. Loved It !!! I am sure that Nat will uphold the high standards of Lovinglife . Remember how the Phoenix rose again !! Any chance of a trip to Fiji ?

  3. Thanks Scott. Lovinglife has served us well. Only once in all the years was I extremely upset when severe cencorship was imposed on the live chat during the Louis Liebenberg livestream. I didn”t expect that from LL.

    Anyway, enjoy the rest and thank you, once again, for all the effort you put in.

  4. Indeed this is a sad day. Scott you are always in my prayers. Be strong my friend things have a way of working out…we just don’t know when. God Bless…we will still stay in touch via email and WhatsApp

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