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Police warn the public to be cautious of car deals on social media

Police in Kagiso have noticed a disturbing trend where unsuspecting sellers of cars on Social media become victims.

The trend does not however exclude the buyers as Police also received complaints of buyers being scammed by sellers who did not exist.

One latest victim allegedly placed his vehicle on Facebook Market place for sale.

A few days later he received a call from an unknown buyer expressing his interest in the car. The bogus buyer allegedly sent his mechanic to the victim to check the condition of the car.

Upon arrival, the mechanic indeed checked the car and handed over proof of payment to the victim. He (mechanic)v thereafter drove off with a car.

The victim later realized that the proof of payment given to him was invalid. He went to the bank and discovered that there was no any record of payment registered in his name.

Kagiso Police wish to advice members of the public not to trust strangers with their hard-earned cash.

“If someone use the same approach as the aforementioned scenario, it is safe to accompany the alleged buyer to the bank for purposes of validating the proof of payment. Get inside the bank and require official proof”, advised Brigadier Nyelisani Mabatha of Kagiso Police.

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