vince Hi every one quiet
vince Just joined still lekker domstruggle
Nat @vince: very warm welcome
Nat @Mark Garnett: hello sorry i missed you,but i have to sleep sometime.
Cindy8888 Hi, I am wondering about the court case against ABSA, I don't see the video related to this, I think it was 2nd June
Nat @Cindy8888: If you look in video archives you will find it
Nat i will go see if i can find the link for you one sec i will be back
Cindy8888 Thank you I did look there but must have missed it
Nat @Cindy8888: this one is all banks including absa
Nat @Cindy8888: will look for other as well
Nat @Cindy8888: here is the ABSA one
Cindy8888 Thank you
Nat @Cindy8888: You very welcome
Nat @Fiona Timms: hi sweetheart
Nat @Fiona Timms: how are you honey
Fiona Timms How does one join the superbru fun?
Nat @Fiona Timms: just go to Superbru on the lovinglifetv.com link
Fiona Timms @nat - are you there, Hon?
Nat @Fiona Timms: yes love
Fiona Timms Are the others all playing superbru?
Nat @Fiona Timms: i think there may be a few yes
Nat @Fiona Timms: it is free
Nat @Fiona Timms: supposed to be huge fun
Marion Stevenson Thank you Scott, it's was a brilliant live stream tonight.
Nat @klaaswertmann: did you see my post from two days ago
Nat @Marion Stevenson: hello
Nat @klaaswertmann: my link
Nat @Nicolene -hi
klaaswertmann I have a Joe Biden memory:my brain is melting ice cream. Soon I`m nothing but a sticky puddle....
Nat @klaaswertmann: that sounds wild
Nat @klaaswertmann: how have you been??
klaaswertmann If it wasn`t rude,I could say"lick me"...!
Nicolene Lol my network is real bad
Nat @klaaswertmann: oh boy thats ok
Nat @Nicolene: i got a song-Devon hofmyr does it but i cant find that copy
Nat @Nicolene: nice words
Nicolene Ek gaan hom nou luister dankie @nat
Nat @Nicolene: hy is mooi
Nicolene Is die man rude met jou gf?
Nat @Nicolene: nee moenie worry nie
Nat @Nicolene: ken hom
Nicolene Ok gf
Nat @Nicolene: Dankie hoor
Nicolene Jy is altyd welkom
Mark Garnett Good evening
Nat @Mark Garnett: Hi there welcome
Nat You ready to post some cool music just say when
Nat @Mark Garnett: Will you pls post one after this??
Nicolene Hi Garrett
Mark Garnett hi @Nicolene:
Nicolene How you doing mmm
Mark Garnett good thanks and you?
Nat @Mark Garnett: this song takes me back to Harare , my best friend i went to visit and very good memories indeed
Nicolene Always good thank you
Mark Garnett i love this song nat
Nat @Mark Garnett: i do too
klaaswertmann The article of businesstech is trying to underline the importance of the unions in the process,while we all know that they are a dead horse,good for nothing but a level of control
Mark Garnett thats great nicolene
Nicolene Jip it's a nice song
Nat @klaaswertmann: this is true i read it too and they seem to want to impose that you can be fired if not taking the jab
klaaswertmann That is the main goal:to put pressure on you.
Nat @klaaswertmann: exactly it will start there you are right
Nicolene And I love the song cry to me
Nat @Mark Garnett: Another Great, great song
Nat @Nicolene: Here we aim to please
klaaswertmann Is there a thing going on in SA.like White boys summer in the states?
Nicolene Not necessarie to please me I enjoy the company
Nat @klaaswertmann: explain what that is please
Nat @Nicolene: i do too
Nat @Mark Garnett- your turn
klaaswertmann Just some White guys hanging around parking lots with a few 6 packs,horsing around....
Nat @klaaswertmann: i not sure of in SA but there is around here in Canada lots of that
Nat @klaaswertmann: Boys and trucks, girls, beer country music
klaaswertmann Key is Don Henley`s "Boys of Summer"song
Nat @klaaswertmann: love the song
Mark Garnett sorry - i posted too soon
Nat @Mark Garnett: that is fine , ill slap you next time..lol
Nat @Mark Garnett: laugh
Mark Garnett where did nicolene go?
Nat @Mark Garnett: said she had bad internet
Mark Garnett aww thats awful
Nat @Mark Garnett: yes big problem all over South Africa at the Farm too
Nat @Mark Garnett: sometimes i think it on purpose
Nat @Mark Garnett: cut you guys off from others
klaaswertmann There are no coincidences in politics...
Mark Garnett i worry about my daughter
Nat @Nicolene-Welkom terug
Nicolene Ai tog my network is so bad
Nat @Mark Garnett: i would too
Nat @Nicolene: sorry man
Mark Garnett @Nicolene: hi sweetheart
Nat @klaaswertmann: you are so right
Nicolene @garnett hello my darling
Nat Now this was a good song
Mark Garnett this song - yeah - cool
Nat @Mark Garnett: love the video too
Mark Garnett oh yeah i agree nat
Nat @Mark Garnett: yeah
Nat @Mark Garnett: your turn
Nat @Mark Garnett: i like this
Mark Garnett In 1992 I lived in east london and i loved indecent obsession
Nat @Mark Garnett: awesome i was still in SA
Nicolene I would love 2 stay but I get kicked out all the time
Mark Garnett @Nicolene: we understand
Nat @Nicolene:okay hon
Nicolene Awe thank you Garret
Mark Garnett i hate whhen my internet plays up during a livestream
Nicolene I'll stay as long as I can
Nat @Nicolene: dis nou n mooi man mos
Mark Garnett not available nat
Nicolene Yep it's real bad
Nat @Mark Garnett: okay
Nat @Mark Garnett: and now
Nicolene So when will I see a photo of you garret
Nat @Mark Garnett: perfect
Nicolene I waar is die mooi man Nat
Mark Garnett I took a photo and my camera broke nicolene
Nat @Nicolene: so waar
Nat @klaaswertmann: Thank you
Nicolene Lol myne ook
Mark Garnett maar jy is pragtig nicolene
Nat @klaaswertmann: Merci
Nicolene Im gonna say night night darling
Mark Garnett @Nicolene: g'night honey
Nat @Nicolene: Nag lekker slaap
Nicolene Nee ek is nie garnett they say beauty lies in the eyes ove the beholder
Mark Garnett maar jy is @Nicolene:
Nat @Mark Garnett: just going to go eat dinner
Nicolene Can't wait for tomorrow night 2 see you again
Mark Garnett nat i'm also going
Mark Garnett how young are you nicolene?
Nat @Mark Garnett: have a good night then
Nat @klaaswertmann: i am just off to have my dinner back in a few
Nicolene Lol wish I could see me through your eye's garnett
Mark Garnett i love this song by pink
klaaswertmann Enjoy your meal...
Nicolene Enjoy Nat
Nicolene Good night nat🤗🤗🤗🤗
Mark Garnett @Nicolene: have you heard james blunts song called monsters?
Nicolene Good night angel of mine♥️😘😘
Nicolene Yes I did
Mark Garnett good night you beautiful angel @Nicolene:
Nicolene Please listen 2 dance with me from Johnny Reid @"Garrett
Mark Garnett i will do
Nicolene .. That so beautiful song
Nicolene I just lo mmm that's my songve the words
Nicolene Wat do you think an out it
Mark Garnett romantic and beautiful
Nicolene See that is what I like
Mark Garnett me too
Nicolene Really that's great news
Mark Garnett how young are you?
Mark Garnett @klaaswertmann: awesome song
klaaswertmann Rip,Jimmy. You gave us your best..../
Mark Garnett good night everyone
Nat @klaaswertmann: Thank you
Juanita Smith Good morning Scott. We all here in South Africa is so grateful for the platform where we can get accurate and validated information regarding daily issues and relevant information regarding the Covid 19 scam. You are truly a beacon of hope for us all. I watch your uploads every morning and i cannot wait to see what you have unraveled next. May God bless you and your new channel to go from strength to strength. Kind regards Juanita Smith
Cindy8888 Morning Nat, the links you shared are not of the court case that was meant to be held on the 2nd June, I was wondering what the feedback is around that particular one
Cindy8888 The one link is from the 21st May and in it Gary states that he is back in court on the 2nd June
Mark Garnett hi rudi
Nicolene Hi @garnett
Fiona Timms @nat- hello Sweetie!
Fiona Timms @mark - have you seen Nat lately?
Fiona Timms Hi everybody! I need Nat urgently - when did any of you last see her?
Fiona Timms Can anyone see my posts?
Fiona Timms @Nat - have you forgotten it's Friday?
Fiona Timms Has anyone of you got skype?
klaaswertmann It seems SA was a "good" example to follow.....