Nat @Manuel Magro: ok take care
Cin Coy Hi Nat
Nat @Cin Coy: hi hon
Cin Coy They are stopping water to some farmers in CA
Nat @Cin Coy: why
Nat they want to starve the world
Cin Coy They say water
Nat they are ridiculous
Cin Coy But they been redirecting water for years look what they did when they fixed niagara Falls
Nat yes exactly i remember yes
Cin Coy They are evil no good ass holes
Nat you are right there
Nat they are
Cin Coy People are so stupid. They don’t learn and don’t look up stuff
Nat no they do not absolutely do not
Cin Coy I need coffee. Lol making some right now
Nat i got mine right here
Cin Coy Should be ready soon. I can’t live with out coffee. But soon it looks like we will
Nat i love my coffee too
Cin Coy I can’t watch it always seem to take longer
Nat yes it does..lol
Cin Coy Man my allergies been killing me l never had them so bad is this year
Nat mine too my nose and my eyes
Cin Coy Ya. I never really even had them before
Nat yes it been really bad this year
Cin Coy Only one time a year for a month that’s all
Nat we had bad smoke from fires too
Cin Coy Yes and in Ca it’s bad. We don’t have a lot of the smoke but it’s like a haze
Nat yes we had that too and you cannot breathe
Cin Coy Are where l live lol
Nat that not good
Cin Coy Ya you can smell smoke but there no fire around us are to lose. Just a haze
Nat yes here too i thought my neighbours were burning but no it was not
Cin Coy Make you think what they are doing even my through hurts a little then go away
Nat yes exactly
Nat just gotta check my laundry be right back
Cin Coy Ok.
Nat we have over 400 fires burning here
Cin Coy Last time l look it was 57 here. But I’m sure there more by now
Nat it is crazy and landslides in colorado
Cin Coy There was landslides. I didn’t here about that
Nat yes just saw on the news
Nat on one of the highways
Nat heatwaves in BC
Cin Coy Wow. I guess l need the watch a channel that has weather on it lol
Cin Coy I just been not watching much news lately. Needed a brake
Nat yes i just happen to have it on now
Cin Coy I watch some. But just been swimming with the boys and have some fun.
Cin Coy Someone you need that
Nat that good to spend time with boys
Cin Coy Ya. I think what’s coming they need to have fun before that
Nat absolutely
Cin Coy I worry a lot about them.
Nat i worry bout mine too
Cin Coy I guess it’s just something women do.
Cin Coy And men
Nat Yes especially Mothers
Nat it is a instinct
Cin Coy Ya some of the mothers my sons ex. Don’t even come over much are call
Nat that is terrible
Cin Coy And when she come over it’s like fir a half hour
Nat she should be shot
Cin Coy Yes She not good at all
Nat people that can ignore children are no good
Cin Coy I don’t get it. But she loves her new freedom.
Nat i bet she does
Cin Coy But l got the kids and l I’ve them. So happy
Cin Coy Love
Nat exactly they in good hands my friend
Cin Coy Ya.
Cin Coy So how is SA. Is it peaceful
Cin Coy Are still stuff going on just at low key
Nat i guess so but as you know there always murder ans stuff is low key
Nat my friends got attacked on farm
Nat they stole nothing shot him three times
Cin Coy Really are they ok
Nat he is critical but stable
Nat they hit his lungs and his kidneys
Cin Coy Wow. I’m sorry. Three time. They need to stop living alone and have meany thousands of people
Nat yes they do absolutely they even slapped his son around for his phone that all they took
Cin Coy That’s not ok. It will never stop
Nat no it will not stop it very bad
Cin Coy They need to think about there family’s and take all the food they grow and can it ..And live around other people for there kids.
Nat absolutely true
Cin Coy They are really trying to make us eat laser food that will kill us all
Nat yes with chemicals i grow my own and can it all
Cin Coy I see people that l know that eat veg food and they look bad. I told one of them look in the mirror stop eating that stuff
Nat yes absolutely they must open their eyes
Cin Coy They where healthy people. But they know about what’s going on and they fight it but still eat food that’s killing them
Nat yes we have apples here that do not brown??think about that...they modified
Cin Coy I told them you don’t trust the gov. But you eat there food that’s no good
Nat i agree with you
Cin Coy Ya. The fruits don’t even taste like anything
Nat no they do not
Cin Coy I try to go to farming that sell fruit. Old trees not the new one.
Nat yes i do not blame you i would do same i have lots of farms here by me
Cin Coy I wish l had land. I would grow all my own fruit l grow a little vegs and stuff. But not much land to do it
Nat i have about 8 acres so i grow my veggies i have squash and everything
Cin Coy I have some. Vegs. But what can l do
Nat that is good though
Cin Coy At my mom house it was a little bigger and would grow more. But it is what it is
Nat it is yes
Cin Coy I would go pick wild berry's and make jelly. But this year l can’t find anything are there so small you can only make a pie.
Nat I have all kinds of rasberries and blacktops
Cin Coy They cut them down put leave the wood fir a good fire
Nat they say it makes good wine but i do not know how to make wine
Cin Coy Ya. Wine l don’t know how to make.
Nat yes i dumb with that
Cin Coy Me too.
Cin Coy I like jelly are syrup. I make with blackberry
Nat i can make pie,tarts etc but that i cannot do
Nat In canada we have maple syrup
Cin Coy Ya. I make pies. It’s good
Nat comes from tapping Maple trees
Cin Coy Ya. Mmm. Love maple syrup
Nat yes it the best
Cin Coy I would love to taste fresh maple syrup
Nat i have a friend that owns the sugar shack so i get it for nothing
Cin Coy Even in the stores it don’t taste right. Even the one that cost 30 dallied dollars
Nat yes you can't beat the fresh stuff
Cin Coy That’s good
Nat i am very lucky
Cin Coy Yes.
Nat i also get my meat from the local farmer
Cin Coy I can only remember how it tasted
Cin Coy I know people and would always get my meat like half a cow .. But now there all gone
Nat yes they dissappear fast
Cin Coy I have to find one l go to Costco now. But l need to find a farmer with fresh meat. But there one man but he won’t so much money.
Nat that not right that he so expensive
Cin Coy I know him. But he just won’t to make a killing
Nat not good
Cin Coy Ya. But people pay it
Nat wow they desperate
Cin Coy It’s bad where l live. And people just don’t care not like before. But I’m sure there someone .. Just most the people l new in farming are gone now.
Nat yes the government dont care hey
Cin Coy And there kids have grapes now
Nat oh okay more money then
Cin Coy Ya. They make more money.
Nat exactly yes
Cin Coy It’s like all you see is grapes
Cin Coy I hate it
Nat wow so they taken over then
Cin Coy Yes.
Cin Coy People will farm what makes them more money.
Nat this is true but people need food
Cin Coy Sonoma is like one big grape
Nat yes we have a town called picton just like that too
Cin Coy But they will be taking there water soon. Are maybe just the farms that have food. Are both.
Nat biden is an idiot for pulling out of Afghanistan the idiot
Nat Taliban just taking over
Cin Coy Ya they are.
Nat so much problems gonna come from that
Cin Coy But l think it was planned for a long time to have them take over.
Nat yes the bad are going to take over i think
Cin Coy Even Trump told them they where leaving.
Nat yes IRS has been ordered to hand over Trumps tax returns
Cin Coy This is just crazy. They will keep up this stupid fight about Trump.
Nat Yes leave the man alone
Cin Coy Ya. They need to give there Tax info. I just don’t understand way Trump but up with it in the White House
Nat I do not get it either
Cin Coy I think when the Taliban gets stronger that’s when Russia will get mad and War will brake out
Nat I think China is going to move in there
Cin Coy Ya maybe they will. Are maybe Russia and China won’t more control there and start taking over then the USA will say they have to much power then the war starts
Nat this is quite possible
Cin Coy China is the power house right now. But we also gave them that power. But l think they planning to try to take over.
Nat ill be right back hon gotta go use the bathroom quick
Cin Coy Ok
Cin Coy I think all country that are in the EU and UN. Are working with the rulers of the world ..But we all know friends never stay friend when it comes to power.
Cin Coy It’s like everything is backwards. No one really knows the truth and that’s the truth.
Nat yes it is
Cin Coy The US is run my the UN and EU and the President is told what to do.
Nat in every country i think
Cin Coy Yes. Every country.
Nat they are evil
Cin Coy Yes evil. And they hate whites
Nat yes they do i noticed it changing here too
Cin Coy Siener was right when he told about the people doing this. That has come true
Nat it sure has
Nat he was a wise man
Cin Coy Yes he was. But God really told him all that
Nat Yes i agree totally
Cin Coy It’s like watching a movie but you have to wait for the next part
Nat with suspense yes
Cin Coy Yes
Cin Coy It make you feel better knowing.
Nat yes it does , does it not, not knowing is the killer
Cin Coy Yes. People are going nuts.
Nat yes because of uncertainty of future
Cin Coy But when you know you just know it’s throw God
Nat @klaaswertmann-Hi there
Nat @Cin Coy: yes i agree
Cin Coy Will l need to do some house cleaning been playing to much. It’s time to clean. Talk later my friend.
Nat Later my friend have nice day
Cin Coy You too
Nat will do thank you hon
klaaswertmann HI,Nat.No problems after yesterday?
Nat @klaaswertmann: No just in a little pain is all
klaaswertmann You use pain killers?
Nat Yes i do Thank goodness
Nat Holy
Nat I have an uncle who loves to whistle
klaaswertmann ...In the dark..?
Nat @klaaswertmann: no
Nat @klaaswertmann: no this song
klaaswertmann He shoots better....
Nat @klaaswertmann: he sure does..lol
klaaswertmann His shooting was so,so...
Nat His okay
Nat @Manuel Magro-Hi
Manuel Magro @Nat: @klaaswertmann: Hi
klaaswertmann Hi,Manuel
Nat @Manuel Magro: In dailyfriend today their is an article dissing Jordan Peterson real bad...i sent it to Jordan Peterson
Manuel Magro @Nat: Oh no, but you can expect that, especially these days.
Nat @Manuel Magro: you want to post
Nat @Manuel Magro: yes it was bad
Manuel Magro @Nat: @klaaswertmann: Here is the version of Whiskey in a jar that I believe Thin Lizzy did a great job with. Metallica mostly imitate this version(Talking about signature riffs and guitar licks)
Nat @Manuel Magro: awesome
Nat @klaaswertmann-you want to go next
Nat @Manuel Magro: i like this version
klaaswertmann Count me out ,please
Nat @klaaswertmann: okay
Nat @Manuel Magro: pos maar
Nat did you know there was an earthquake in Alberton
Manuel Magro @Nat: Read the article - IMO - badly written. Does dot say much - typical pre-Apartheid doubled-tongued style. In large parts are cowardly condoning Peterson one to come with a very out of context sledge hammer of so-called truth. He called Jordan Peterson an Idiot and quotes some Professor from UCT as the determining factor to give his arguments punch and respectability. Sorry, but that is real trash and Jordan Peterson deserves better than that.
Nat @Manuel Magro: i agree totally
Nat @klaaswertmann-check this out
Manuel Magro @Nat: Dankie, het baie daardie pad gery R59 vir werk
Nat @Manuel Magro:ja kan jy glo
Nat @Manuel Magro: one het rugby gewen 27-9
Manuel Magro @Nat: Amazing - ek moet bieg, ek kyk min Rugby deesdae.
Manuel Magro Live Stream is on
Nat @Manuel Magro: oops