Nat They are going to have to do something people are getting quite upset
Nat But their power stations are not looked after properly and the gov has stolen all the money
Cin Coy They won’t the world Solar but how can they iwhen it’s needed now. And it don’t work good in storms
Nat Yes and can be damaged by lightning i guess
Cin Coy Ya. Gov doing it to there own and blaming some els.
Cin Coy Ya you would have to turn it off when a bad storm come in.
Nat yes for sure
Cin Coy Will hon l think l talked your eye off. Love you talk later. Have a great day.
Nat love you too sweetheart
Nat love
Cin Coy ❤️
Nat you also have a great day
Cin Coy May. Hunger declared state emergency emergency because of the war
Cin Coy Nat. Not may
Nat Wow
Cin Coy Did you hear about it. The Durane channel said that
Nat No i did not
Cin Coy Hungary
Cin Coy Sorry stupid phone
Nat that is bad man
Cin Coy Is it bad. Did you hear about it. That means it getting bigger the war
Nat No i never heard until now
Nat But yes it would mean it getting bigger it overflowing now
Cin Coy I guess we will find out if it’s true.
Nat Yes maybe not maybe they just got too many people there now
Cin Coy Ya maybe. I did t watch the hole show. Lol.
Nat yes you never know,cause that can lead to food shortages
Cin Coy Ya. I guess so.
Cin Coy Ya. Like in the USA.
Nat yes with that baby formula what is going on??
Cin Coy They didn’t have any in the stores. And it’s cost 49 for on can.
Nat Wow that is crazy
Nat How on earth do you run out of baby formula
Cin Coy Ya. Now there getting it some where els. Hate to see the price.
Cin Coy Biden closed a plant.
Cin Coy Plus everyone that comes over has a baby nine days later
Nat I can only imagine the price-Biden oh my Word he really is a dumb one
Cin Coy To meany people no housing and people are just going nuts. No room for everyone
Nat yes that is a problem here too
Cin Coy Plus the water. No water. They will be sorry they ever came over.
Nat oh my goodness does not sound to good
Nat Here we have lots of water
Cin Coy Are homeless people have doubled in the last year
Cin Coy We are now a third world country.
Nat Yes here it is aweful too but we rather give money to other countries for wars right
Cin Coy Wars and building back there country.
Nat That is right,we do not take care of our own,not one country does
Cin Coy What the homeless needs to do is go to the rich side of towns and make there life bad then maybe they would see it
Nat I agree it is so sad
Cin Coy Where l live some kids parents died they became homeless living on the streets and they could not help them. True story
Nat That is just horrible
Cin Coy 15 and 14. Years old.
Nat Oh that is just terrible
Cin Coy Ya. It’s getting bad Nat. More to come
Nat I am afraid you are right
Nat scary stuff
Cin Coy But anyways. No one cares about the homeless here only a every little of people. I help when l can l give them a little money but l don’t have much. But they can get like something to eat. I won’t do nothing for people on drugs. No money
Cin Coy But there so meany not on drugs.
Nat Yes i agree you cant help somebody that is not going to help themselves
Cin Coy Yes. I agree
Nat I think then you just helping them stay in that bad state
Cin Coy How can they get out with no money. They don’t get food stamps are anything from gov here no address no help.
Nat exactly that is the problem right there and nobody sees that,they just judge the situation
Cin Coy They get food from the some places. But they don’t get help like people think
Cin Coy Most work
Nat yes and that is not right those people deserve dignity too
Cin Coy I know one lady that works at 7-11. And she homeless
Nat Oh poor lady
Cin Coy Don’t know to meany just like 3. But still sad
Cin Coy She really nice too.
Nat yes it is very sad
Cin Coy But l have to go. Love you talk later. ❤️
Nat Love you too hon
Nat love
Cin Coy I’m sorry Nat l need to check my email more often
Cin Coy Love you.
Cin Coy Hi. Nat
Nat @Cin Coy: hi
Nat How you
Cin Coy How are you doing today
Cin Coy Good
Nat good and you
Nat i am happy to hear that
Cin Coy I guess hungry is putting War state of emergency
Nat oh my
Cin Coy Sorry l have to go. Didn’t know we where leaving so soon. Love I
Nat love u
Nat love
VIKING BOER Skillet - Stars (w/lyrics) - For God So LOVED The World
Nat @VIKING BOER: Hoe gaan dit
Nat Gaan dit goed met jou
VIKING BOER @Nat: Hello my friend. I am OK - BUSY checking the Forum out and updating some of my things
Nat @VIKING BOER: Ek is bly dan kan ek jou goed pos more
Nat Hier is ook n baie mooi liedtjie
Nat Hierdie is n pragtige lied
VIKING BOER @Nat: Ja, daar is tonne goed wat ek pos wat ek nie in die newsletters sien nie. Al wat jy kan doien is om net die AFDELING TE NOEM -- EN UPDATES - SONDER om elke pos te noem. Dit sal makliker wees vir jou
Nat @VIKING BOER: reg ja ek sal so maak verseker
VIKING BOER @Nat: dis pragtig
Nat @VIKING BOER: Dankie
Nat @VIKING BOER: Ek is mal oor Skillet ook,hulle is baie goed
VIKING BOER @Nat: Ek voel baie eensaam vannaand en hou my maar besig met die WOORD.
Nat @VIKING BOER: ek is hier ons kan maar praat en musiek deel
VIKING BOER @Nat: Ek is altyd regdeur die nag hier wakker en gaan eers do by 5-uur ons tyd slaap. Dan is dit rustig en stil en ek kry baie gedoen.
Nat Ja ek kan dit goed verstaan
VIKING BOER @Nat: Ek het 'n paar regtig hartseer videos gekyk van mense wat swaar kry en ek voel so hulpeloos as mens nie kan help nie..
Nat @VIKING BOER: ja ek voel my self so,baie mense kry nou swaar weet jy en dit gaan net erger word my maatjie
VIKING BOER @Nat: Pos jy maar videos - as ek afgaan van die chat dan freez my browser.
VIKING BOER @Nat: Ek luister graag na jou playlist. Ek sal anderdag weer pos,Ek is besig om goed te skryf vir my Forum en ander Facebook blogs.
Nat Okay ek sal aanhou speel
VIKING BOER @nat> Ek like die videos met die lyrieke by.
Nat Ja ek sal sien of ek n paar kan kry
VIKING BOER @Nat: Ag, moenie worry te veel nie - speel wat jy maar wil - EK WEET EK SAL VAN DIT HOU.
VIKING BOER @Nat: Ek het 'n Radio Program op my PC - dit het onder andere 80 SA radio stasies op
Nat @VIKING BOER: dit is wonderlik
VIKING BOER @NAT > Ek is stadig- Ek sal nou eers na Elvis luister. Jy het bietjie te gou vir my gepos
Nat @VIKING BOER: dit is reg ek sal wag vir jou
VIKING BOER @Nat: Ja, daar is hope Afrikaanse en gospel stasie op.
Nat @VIKING BOER: baie lekker
VIKING BOER @Nat: Check dit uit - search net vir - RadioSure.exe
Nat Okay ek maak so
VIKING BOER @Nat: Jy kan kies na watter land se radio stasies jy will luister, Jy kan ook die songs record op jou harddrive
Nat ok
VIKING BOER Ek like hierdie een van Cliff - een van sy bestes
Nat Ek stem saam
VIKING BOER Ek pos ooknou een
Nat okay
Nat awesome Dankie
VIKING BOER @Nat: Kan ek nou 'n paar pos
Nat @VIKING BOER: seker
VIKING BOER Axel Rudi Pell - Hallelujah
Nat Mooi Lied
VIKING BOER BIETJIE METAL OOK - hulle noem dit Melodic Rock
Nat @VIKING BOER: hy doen hierdie een baie mooi
VIKING BOER Ek like om na verskillend weergawes altyd te luister - vir afwisseling
VIKING BOER CHECK daai moerse organ in die agtergrond waarop die ou speel
Nat @VIKING BOER: Ja ek sien die ding , hy is groot
VIKING BOER DIS in 'n kerk opgeneem
Nat ow ongelooflik mooi
VIKING BOER AXEL RUDI PELL feat. Bonnie Tyler - "Love's Holding On" (Official Video)
Nat @VIKING BOER: ek hou baie van Bonnie Tyler haar stem is so perfek
VIKING BOER Baie van die Heavy Metal sanger kan regtig sing
Nat slis ja
VIKING BOER Laat my dink aan Bon Jovi se stem
Nat Baie ja klink baie soos hy
VIKING BOER EK SAL nog een pos dan is dit jou beurt - OK
VIKING BOER HAMMERFALL ft. Noora Louhimo - Second to One
Nat Reg so
VIKING BOER HAMMERFALL is een van my fave bands of the 90'S
Nat Ek kan sien hoekom
Nat Ek hou baie van hierdie een
VIKING BOER YEA BABY - ek like hierdie weergawe maar ek verkies die een van die SA band - AWAKENING,
Nat Nog nie gehoor nie
VIKING BOER @Nat: Just search for THE AWAKENING on youtube
Nat okay ek sal
VIKING BOER Hulle sanger sing in omtrent 3 stemme - It is SOOOOOOOO good
Nat Nou gaan ek vir awakening soek
VIKING BOER WOW - ek like hierdie tipe videos - hulle maak baie moeite met hulle maak van die videos
Nat Ja ek hou van die lied , hou baie van hom
Nat @VIKING BOER: is reg so
VIKING BOER DAAR IS - LUISTER hoe verander sy stem na hoe-er noot - dit klink moerse
Nat ok
Nat Hy het baie talent
VIKING BOER NOT bad vir 'n SA groep nie
Nat Glad nie hulle is baie goed
VIKING BOER Aston Nyte is die sanger
Nat Hier is n Kanadese sanger
VIKING BOER Dis goed waarna mens kan luister - ek like dit - hULLE HET GOU OPGANG GEMAAK en is baie gewild tans
Nat Ja hulle is
VIKING BOER Die sanger van THE AWAKENING is Ashton Nyte - Hy is nou solo en oorsee
Nat Regtig hy maak seker n goeie naam vir homself of hoe
VIKING BOER Pos nog een
VIKING BOER Ek moet se ek hou nogal van Coldplay - hulle maak mooi videos
Nat Ja hulle doen
VIKING BOER Hier volg weer 'n paar van my
Nat seker
VIKING BOER Michael Kiske Amanda Somerville - Silence (Official video)
Nat Baie goeie lied
VIKING BOER Ek dink dit is 'n band van Canada
Nat Ek dink jy is dalk reg
VIKING BOER Valen - Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford: Close my eyes forever
Nat @VIKING BOER: cool ozzy
VIKING BOER Litta Ford - best lady guitarist voted many times, Ozzy het baie make-up aan op sy gesig
Nat ja soos altyd
VIKING BOER Ozzy will maar nie af-pension nie HAHAHAH
Nat LOL laugh
VIKING BOER Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King [Official Music Video]
VIKING BOER My other fave band - Avengend 7x
VIKING BOER Dink jy nie ek is te oud vir die musiek nie - OLD ROCKERS NEVER DIE
Nat NEVER nooidt nie
VIKING BOER Nog een dan is dit jou beurt
Nat reg so
VIKING BOER Avenged Sevenfold - This Means War [Official Music Video]
VIKING BOER Ja, iets rustiger voor ek eers'n nap gaan vang.
Nat ja verseker
VIKING BOER Sy sweet lord is die Hari Krishna in die song
Nat ja ek glo so
VIKING BOER Hulle chant it in the end
Nat ek weet nie
VIKING BOER Sy dood was ook skielik.
Nat ja baie
VIKING BOER Een van VAN se mooi songs
Nat J ek hou baie daarvan
VIKING BOER Hy was in 'n band in die 60's - THEM wie 'n paar goeie hit gehad het.
Nat Hy is baie goed ek hou baie van sy stem
VIKING BOER Glorie was een van sy songs met THEM
Nat @VIKING BOER: baie nice
VIKING BOER Nonie die een gehoor nie - klink goed
Nat Ja die jong man is goed jon hy het baie treffers
VIKING BOER Ek wil nog een pos dan will ek bietjie 'n nap vang
VIKING BOER Wintersun - Land Of Snow And Sorrow
Nat Sekerlik gaan voort
VIKING BOER Dankie Nat vir die heerlike musie. Ons maak weer so. Mooi bly en pas jou goed op. Groete vir jou laaitie ook.
Nat @VIKING BOER: Dankie vir jou ook,pas jou mooi op en lekker rus veilig bly
Nat Groete vir vrou lief
Nat fingers-crossed
Nat love
Nat Hi everyone xo