Nat @Manuel Magro: i seem to have gotten disconnected
Manuel Magro @Nat: I have been listening to some of the old videos, saw you were on and off on the Chat. I am having my fair share of stress with Eskom machines that are not performing due to badly designed and commissioned systems.
Nat @Manuel Magro: sorry to hear this
Nat i saw something about koeberg today
Nat that Mantashe removed the inspector
Manuel Magro @Nat: They called my techs out to Kusile and Medupi - never-ending converter failures. They destroyed U4 at Medupi a while back. I looked at my technician's inspection report - our panel is quite a distance from the main generator and turbine shaftline and the heavy fire doors were blown open like card board.
Nat @Manuel Magro: oohh that is not good at all
Manuel Magro @Nat: They spent another weekend with failures of converter bridges - a replica of Medupi failures. Those bridgers source around 9000 A during field forcing - and they break modules and pulsing transformers as if it is going out of fashion.
Manuel Magro @Nat: It is a bad design that we must try and salvage and maintain.
Nat @Manuel Magro: thus leaving people without electricity??
Manuel Magro @Nat: Not always that, depending on network conditions, but the down time and damage is enormous.
Nat @Manuel Magro: that is very bad then
Manuel Magro @Nat: The start-up and shut-down is horrible. My team cannot cope with the amount of stupidity in the stations. They don't learn either. left a few converters without cooling for eight hours. Burn 5 large thyristors on one bridge - bad negligent operating.
Nat @Manuel Magro: you must have headaches everyday
Manuel Magro @Nat: I have worked under similar conditions for decades, but it is particularly bad these days - there is too much plant damage and expensive repairs and there is nothing that we can do to prevent these things to happen.
Nat @Manuel Magro: must be so frustrating
Manuel Magro @Nat: Yes, I know AVRs inside out, but theses systems are something else - they are badly designed and fail way too much.
Nat Ai Manuel
Cin Coy Hi Nat
Nat @Cin Coy: hi honey
Nat I moved my snake this afternoon
Cin Coy Sorry it’s not working good
Nat oh no sorry love
Manuel Magro @Cin Coy: Hi Cin, long time since I saw you on chat
Cin Coy Hi Manuel. Ya. Been doing stuff
Manuel Magro @Cin Coy: Always good to be busy.
Cin Coy Ya. Going to the river today. Getting ready to leave in 10 min. Just wonted to say hi.
Nat @Cin Coy: well have a great time
Cin Coy Thank you. You too
Cin Coy Bye Manuel
Nat @Cin Coy: bye see you later
Nat Great song
Nat This is my new favourite
Manuel Magro @Nat: Great song. The real Song's name is Mbumbe - the Zulu Word for Lion.
Nat from the leader of Staind
Manuel Magro @Nat: I can't pray enough these days. Some days and nights, at least 6 hours or more listening to prayers and prayer sessions.
Nat @Manuel Magro: yes i agree totally
Manuel Magro @Nat: I really feel the oppression - things have changed too much for evil.
Nat they sure have @Manuel Magro:
Manuel Magro @Nat: I get the feeling that I must write my book and go public with this radical witness of mine.
Nat @Manuel Magro: it would be a good witness for sure
Manuel Magro @Nat: I must really do this, us Christians need confirmation of the awesome power of God and the truth of the biblical inerrant Word of God.
Nat @Manuel Magro: we do really
Manuel Magro @Nat: The burden on me was so enormous to execute it, that supernaturally composed far more than 100 songs in 3 years of which 80% was done in the last 6 months.
Nat @Manuel Magro: that would be awesome though
Manuel Magro @Nat: I just have something that blocks me to get the story properly written - too much detail and a bit shy to do it and expose myself to this enormous testimony.
Nat @Manuel Magro: i can understand that feeling
Manuel Magro @Nat: It is so on the mark that it will scare anyone. I don't want to expose people that may not want me to tell the story - that is my biggest hold-up.
Nat @Manuel Magro: yes i see
Manuel Magro @Nat: If you tell the public in a book that they have been in a killer cult since Age 13/14, it is just so incriminating.
Nat @Manuel Magro: yes for sure it would be no doubt
Manuel Magro @Nat: If you don't tell it like it is, and it then comes out the way you saw it, but were not willing to deal with all the facts, you may regret it.
Nat @Manuel Magro: yes i agree with you
Manuel Magro @Nat: Must I tell it exactly factual with real names - like a historical biography?
Nat @Manuel Magro: no i would change the names
Manuel Magro In that case I can't name the album names, explain the albums and lyrics, explain the biblical faith name the cult leader, explain the Jewish-style prophecy and much more.
Nat @Manuel Magro: oh that is a problem then
Manuel Magro @Nat: Even my birth date - is encrypted as copywrite owner to some of te songs
Nat @Manuel Magro: oh okay gotcha
Manuel Magro @Nat: It is impossible to tell the truth without exposing all of our identities.
Nat @Manuel Magro: yes there must be a way
Manuel Magro @Nat: Maybe a factual biography and then "Based on a true Story" to capture the essence, if there are questions, the facts can be brought to the table for evidence. You cannot witness to people if you don't speak the truth.
Nat @Manuel Magro: very true
Manuel Magro @Nat: Remember, it is all prophecy - if the detail of the prophecy is so exact that no jot or tittle is lost, then the existence of God is proven and also that the God of the Bible exists and that he follows prophetic lines consistent with his biblical image
Nat @Manuel Magro: Yes agreed
Manuel Magro @Nat: It boils down to this fact:"Ask me anything in my name and you will receive it". I did ask Him that and it happened exactly like that. Every name was a prayer for revelation, turned to prophecy. Every song was a step of faith into the impossible. I was neither a great musician, nor a poet. This proves that for he who has faith - all things are possible.
Nat @Manuel Magro: that too is true
Manuel Magro @Nat: I have to go now, tomorrow is a long day with another section meeting.
Nat @Manuel Magro: sleep well and good luck
Manuel Magro @Nat: sleepysleepysleepy
Nat bye for now
Cin Coy Hi Nat
Cin Coy Found the song lol
Cin Coy This was really good. Like he said they don’t care if you know but there God and he will stand by us.
Cin Coy Hi again.
Anchel Du Toit VERY IMPORTANT... SLAAN AG GROEP.. MESSAGE TO ALL SOUTH AFRICANS. We as the South African rainbow Nation - Black, coloured, Indian and white should be extremely careful as from Monday the 24th of January 2022. The government is secretly planning a major plot regards the current state of disaster crisis and extension, Covid 19 pandemic and the extensions thereof through a 5th wave, mandatory vacations through military force, economic collapse, Power supply collapse and food security collapse
Anchel Du Toit Power supply collapse and food security collapse. The Government was issued with a $ 750000 Billion loan. Intell and information received through a parliament whistleblower from within parliament itself, the government requested the funds from the World Bank to be used for militarily personal payments, military deployments, armoured vehicles deployment and diesel supplies, military equipment and food supplies. A state of disaster will be extended whereas Marshall law will follow to force all c
Anchel Du Toit all citizens to accept mandatory vacations. In order to protect the parliament whistleblower, no names will be available. This is fact not fiction. When last did Ramaphosa addressed the Nation. No he and his entire cabinet is planning a major plot on the South African population. SEND THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. URGENTLY
Nat @Anchel Du Toit: I would not pay it any attention doing the rounds on Whattsapp
Cin Coy Hi Nat.
Nat @Cin Coy: hi
Cin Coy How are you doing. Today.
Nat how are ya
Nat i am good
Cin Coy I’m good
Nat the truckers are at 500000 now
Cin Coy Wow. That’s cool was watching them yesterday
Nat yes i posted on forum today
Cin Coy Ok will go see.
Nat youll see it under world security forum
Nat and covid 19
Cin Coy Ok. Thank you.
Nat you welcome love
Cin Coy We went to the river yesterday went to a new place it was really nice.
Nat That is awesome
Cin Coy All the birds there where awesome
Nat nice must of been amazing
Cin Coy We watched the birds fir a hour.
Nat cool
Cin Coy Ya. It was not meany people there l loved it. We had fun
Nat that is just what a person needs you know
Cin Coy Yes. It was so nice you need fun.
Nat yes you do
Nat russia really exploding situation hey
Cin Coy Ya. They are l guess UK Germany and US is taking there people out of there
Nat yes sending amo and ships nato is
Cin Coy I guess we will see how this works outs. Russia has everything around its borders
Nat yes they do
Nat nato is getting ready
Cin Coy But l still feel it won’t start right now. I think they will play bad games on each other.
Nat yes for sure
Cin Coy They will send there bad people to the USA and do really bad thing first like sickness all this will not be fun at all.
Nat yes
Cin Coy What do you think. That’s just me. I could be so wrong
Nat i agree
Cin Coy I need to find a way to go to SA when it starts ..
Nat we all do yes you dont need vaccine for there
Cin Coy No you can go there with out one. But where you come from they won’t let you on the plane
Nat thats right
Cin Coy The way the food going we will be in hell soon. So we will have to fight so much
Nat yes we will
Cin Coy There no good in the evil people they won’t the world to them and not us
Nat yes true
Cin Coy God has a all planned out. No matter what happens he will not let them rule the world anymore
Nat no God is good
Cin Coy Look what they have done already. God has a Army of people not happy at all. Lol
Cin Coy They will help God in heaven they know the truth
Nat Yes they sure do
Cin Coy I’m just not that scared what’s coming no man will stop and we just have to follow Gods words
Nat I am also feeling the same way
Cin Coy What can you do just know about it and pray you get the kids to safety
Nat Exactly my friend
Cin Coy They can’t kill us all. But they will try
Nat they will try yes
Cin Coy I was watching a Russian on U Tube and he said Putin is being back The USSR. Right now and l think his right
Cin Coy Communism Won’t to take over the world.
Nat never
Cin Coy Will they already have control over meany nation
Nat they sure do
Cin Coy Just not full control there working on it
Nat sure they are
Cin Coy They always starve people first that’s way they don’t care about open borders they can control by food then poison the foood like there already doing
Nat sure they do yes
Cin Coy Look at all the fat people most don’t over eat it’s what they put in the food.
Nat it is yes absolutely
Cin Coy I don’t drink coca-Cola. Anymore it makes me sick.
Nat nor do i
Nat and after there shitty slogan i gave it up
Cin Coy Ya. What ever they are putting in it. It’s not good fir you at all. It’s changed in the past year are so
Nat yes it has i agree
Cin Coy Yes Nat.
Nat today i read they found human meat in macdonalds
Cin Coy Then they have you drink water in bottles. I’m thinking no more of that.
Nat yes you never know
Cin Coy What. Human meat. They say they burn people up. Maybe we are eating them. Makes me sick
Nat yes human meat
Cin Coy I don’t put it past them anything to make money.
Nat yes absolutely
Cin Coy When it come to money that’s there God
Nat It is yes
Nat people can be very evil
Cin Coy They are the most evil on earth way to much money gor way to long.
Nat in Quebec Canada you can now not go into big stores without vaccine
Cin Coy I’m not saying everyone that has money is evil.
Nat i agree
Cin Coy Ya. Coming here soon. They won’t everyone to kill them self will in there sick heads they think that. But it’s them that are doing it brainwashing people. May God have mercy on the people that are brainwashed
Nat yes i say the same it is getting out of hand really
Cin Coy I pray each person that is in with them have night mares of all the people they killed
Nat i agree
Cin Coy Over and over. Look at all the kids. God will one day put fear in them they won’t know where to run
Nat that is true too you can run but you cant hide
Cin Coy I think knowing that makes peace in my heart. And don’t be scared what’s coming is coming
Nat me too what must be must be
Cin Coy I was thinking about the food. If the people go nuts and we have to leave there only so much you can bring with you. And they are taking are gas away
Nat yes they are
Cin Coy This one is up to God the ones that live are die. I leave it in his hand.
Nat I do to i trust him
Cin Coy I trust God too.
Nat Amen
Cin Coy Amen
Nat it is snowing here now
Cin Coy Nice. Is it cold
Nat yes it is
Cin Coy It’s nice here it’s like perfect weather.
Nat oh you so lucky
Cin Coy Not to Hot and not to cold
Nat that is perfect
Cin Coy We also went to lake Berryessa. The water low there. My dad helped build the dam
Nat That is amazing,wow
Cin Coy Ya. But he also said the land around there was the most Beautiful land he ever seen in his life and they put it under water. But he needed work and that was the only thing around.
Cin Coy He had pictures of it. And it was. Farms and towns people tried to stop it but could not.
Nat that is perfectly understandable
Cin Coy I think Dams are a way of control too. They have the water food land.
Nat yes sure they do
Cin Coy All the people there lost everything they didn’t pay them much fir there land my dad said. And they told the people it would take 10 years to fell up. It was full in one winder so meany where homeless
Nat wow hey
Nat i guess brian laudrie admitted in a letter he killed gabby petito
Nat he wrote the letter before he killed himself
Cin Coy Really. When did that come out
Nat it came out today
Nat i just saw it
Cin Coy Wow.
Nat crazy hey
Cin Coy Hey crazy.
Nat yes very much so
Cin Coy I know In one video they where fighting. And the police where there
Nat they should of known better right there
Nat Ill be right back gotta put wood in the stove quick
Cin Coy Yes but now the police really don’t care l think are can’t do anything
Cin Coy Ok
Nat i am back
Nat yes they should of intervened
Cin Coy Yes l think so too
Nat she may still be alive today if they did
Cin Coy Yes. I think so too he had control of her
Nat yes he did for sure
Cin Coy She even said everything was ok. Love is not always good
Nat no it is not
Cin Coy You have to Be careful
Nat yes
Cin Coy Ok Hon l have to go have a great day my friend. Love you
Nat love you too my honey
Cin Coy Hi. I’m waiting for JJ. Just saying hi
Nat @Cin Coy: hi
Nat whats new hon
Cin Coy I guess Israel will take there people out now. Mmm. But the other whites are just lift there.
Nat oh no
Cin Coy Will is Russia and Israel friends right.
Nat i think so yes
Cin Coy That’s my understanding
Nat yes i believe so
Cin Coy So Israel will help Russia. ???
Nat maybe
Nat depending i guess
Cin Coy Mmm. I have to tell you a story later tonight. Ok. But l have to drive tight now
Nat especially with new president or prime minister
Nat ok hon
Cin Coy Be back in like 45 min
Nat okay i be here