1. Lovely foundation that these reporting liars use. Makes them look all rosy pink and golden. Pity that their hearts and souls have been sold…and are not like that at all!

  2. if you don’t have a business start one if you don’t have work create some. who cares who pays for it– yes? reminds one of pyramid scams G-d bless

  3. Good for Novak and the other sportsmen and women that won’t bow down to these evil idiots. As for all these media reporters and government

    officials…..there is a noose reserved for each and every one of you.

  4. For the 1st time, Djokovic is not a “danger” to the other competitors.

  5. If the masses do not wake up and immediately start to practise discernment, the media-creaed confusion shall create the end to our Earth:
    Coronavirus detected on particles of air pollution

    Exclusive: Scientists examine whether this route enables infections at longer distances

    Please watch the movie, released for December 2021: “Don’t look up”.

    Our attention is seriously being diverted from extremely important issues:

    1. We did not agree to be experimented on for ANY reason whatsoever.

    2 We did not consent to any public funds being allocated towards geo-engineering/ chemtrails in South Africa.

    3. We demand that our elected officials investigate ‘the fumigation of citizens’ and appropriately charge any guilty parties.

    4. As citizens, we reserve the right to prosecute any individuals, corporations or government officals responsible for any deaths, illnesses, or environmental issues, resulting from these ‘toxic aerosol operations’.

    5. We reserve the right to publish the names of anyone found guilty of these crimes against humanity and the environment.

    Chemtrail Watch South Africa Contact the author of the petition
    Geo-Engineering /
    Climate Engineering / Weather Warfare / Weather Manipulation / Chemtrails / Chem Clouds / Solar Radiation Management

    Put down your phone and look up! Those are not clouds, they are not jet streams or contrails!

    They are chemtrails.

    Dimmer skies are NOT safer skies!
    Did you know you are being referred to as a “useless eater” by the people orchestrating the weather and turned it into a weapon? Did you know they have been exploding mega huge nuclear bombs in space for decades permanently damaging the atmosphere then blaming it on global warning – then providing the “solution” with chemtrails and cloud seeding?

    ​Chemtrails have been sprayed in South Africa and the rest of the globe for years without the consent of the public. In SA it’s called the “rainfall enhancement program”. They have already dimmed our skies globally by 20% – phase one complete! We are unwitting lab rats, nothing more – unless we educate ourselves and stand up to them, because we out number them by many! Do not listen to the disinformation of ‘dimmer skies are safer skies’, the planet is being terraformed in front of our eyes. Read all these resources and make your own mind up.

  6. @ Esme Coetzee:
    When we were jailed for being viruses, a low flying plane has been taking a round trip daily in my neighbourhood.


    I saw a big cloud shaped as an arrow in the last week. The angles were perfect. There are some lunatics attempting to mess with our natural universe and then “rescue” us…

  7. the first foreign tennis player that entered Aussie land has already tested + for the virus and seems like will not be able to play,hehehheheehe so why get jabbed in first place,all just a joke,

  8. and to think in South Africa thy have stopped contact testing and closed down all quarantine centers having close to the lowest jabbed rate in world, so what is is saying

  9. Did you notice the properganda come thru from the the announcer bitch ‘Everyone’s waiting for the next vaccines to be become available ‘Nice punt for big PHARMA.Hope the people wake up soon otherwise the depopulation is going to happen.Suttle lies are spread by the MSM like ‘You may get the virus even if you vaxed but to a lesser degree and lower chance’
    Thats a total lie you can get Omricron as easy as anyone else and spread it as easy and with DELTA COULD DIE ASWELL.The first punt was that if you were vaxed you had a 5 times better chance ,now its down to 5 % but its as easy as anyone else.VAX doesnt help at all and you have a chance of been killed by it or some get some very severe heart conditions from it.The suckers are getting less and less.

  10. Knowing Quensland their PCR tests are set over 40 giving gobblygook results.

  11. These entities are rotten to the core. Yet, many of them are politicians, elected by the masses, to govern them!
    Others are Hollywood “STARS” and musicians, whom the ignorant, unconscious, hypnotised herd worship!

    What they do to little children and yes, young impressionable, vulnerable girls to whom they promise bright futures, is so sickening.

    The Epstein Network: Iran Contra, Mena Airport & The Clintons

  12. Viv,
    Do you also smell the air? It reeks.
    I cannot get rid of the smell in my nostrils and the metallic taste in my mouth.
    The sky is no longer blue, but grey.
    The clouds are very dark – resemble GRAPHENE!
    Feels as if though I am living in a horror movie.

    When voicing these observations, one risks being certified “mentally unstable”.

  13. u must go watch the interview of Dr Angelique Coetzee and Aljezeerha, wow wow have gained some respect for her, she told him straight that both –un and vaxed people are getting sick and sorry to say its a mild virus, very few people need to go to the hospital,

  14. @ Esme Coetzee:
    Hi Esme. There are places where the sky is blue and the air smells fresh. We all need to stand up and say NO to the lunacy. Nature cleans up and produce rain.Live a natural life and you will be okay.


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