1. In communist Russia during Stalins dictatorship, show trials were used to denounce anyone that Stalin wanted to murder. The lead prosecutor was Andreyv Vershinsky, in show trial after show trial Vershinsky mercilessly hammered Stalins real and imagined opponents, demanding and getting the death sentence in each case , and yet when no longer needed Vershinsky was also done away with just as these premiers like Andrews will be, when the global cabal have decided that they have no further use.

  2. I am originally from South Africa. The good life in Australia is over. I have seen this coming years ago and have said it many times. The Australians never new how good they had it. Evil rules in South Africa and now in Australia.
    We are being controlled through the Jews and the secret societies who get their orders from higher spiritual forces, good and bad. Right now, the bad is winning. Angels and demons, all the way; whether you believe in them, or not, it is true. The ultimate endgame? Our evolution. This, the battle of materialism against the spiritual life, has been going on for millions of years and the less you know the better. Now they want to block you off from your God and slow down the development of your soul. By killing off the people they want to slow down the evolution of the whole planet. God will not allow this BS. The volcano explosion was a warning shot. Watch what comes next for these Satanists.

  3. @ Edward Barlow:
    Yes you are right. Australia is no longer a free and democratic country. Australia is now a dictatorship. Yes the good life is over here in Australia too. Normal is never coming back and things are never going back to the way they were before. We are in the end times and tyranny is going to take over the entire world and the one world government is coming very soon and Jesus is coming back very soon too.

  4. The Aussie Premiers are obeying ze orders of those who are in power and pay them. The NWO, Gates, Soros, Klaus call the shots.

  5. @ Edward Barlow:
    I thought you were from nasty Nazi Germany. They hated the jews as well. Sis on you.

  6. @ Edward Barlow: @gino

    Thank goodness you left South Africa but I feel sorry for Australia taking you in. But then an anti Jewish rascist like you are in your element with the nazi party that is running Australia at the moment. Don’t forget the Nuremburg trials that sentenced and hung the nazi scum for what they did to the Jewish people and many others. When the new Nuremburg trials start for the likes of Gates, Fauci, Schwaub etc I hope that you, Gino and your kind are all included in the list. If they need an executioner I will volunteer but believe me your demise will not be quick and pleasant. You and your kind will suffer. And guess what when you stand in front of our great creator I am sure that he will prolong your suffering forever and eternity…but in the meanwhile please look over your shoulder because the greatest bitch of all called Karma has your name

  7. It is sad that there are sheeples that actually support what the government is doing. They are so brainwashed and blinded by all the double speak.

  8. @ gino:
    Of the approx 30 thousand bolshevik party members in !917 Russia, only about 5 % were jewish, admittedly jews were only 0.5 % of the pop, its true that Marx was a jew and more than half of the first Politburos were comprised of jews, but Marx was sponsored and supported in London by non-jews and Stalin was very anti-semitic and had purged nearly every jew from Russias governing organisations by 1940.

  9. @ gino:
    Blame the individual. Not the race.

    I totally reject communism/facism as well as your hateful racism.

    Your sis bounced right off me. Best you duck…

  10. @ gino:
    Plant a tree. It might be good for your mental health to contribute something useful.

    P.S. When you think that fascism and racism is the answer to communism, you totally missed the plot and are not as clever as you think!

  11. @ gino:
    Do some research and you will find that only a small % of the russian bolshevik party were jews, thats a fact,not made up bs and stalin was indeed a rabid anti-semite, and i realise that the Rothchilds ets are jewish but that doesn’t amount to a jewish conspiracy, are Gates ,aucci,Andrews etc jewish, answer NO.

  12. @ gino:
    So now you think it is because people speak English? Start again…you are so off from the truth…

  13. @ Viv:
    Like many others Gino is determined to believe that the Jews are behind every evil plot to enslave and destroy the human race and hes going to keep believing what he wants to believe, the fact that Stalin had gotten rid of most jews in the Soviet power apparatus by the 1940s is not somethings he wants to know and doesn’t line up with his ideas that the communists are jewish. Gino is an anti-semite because he doesn’t belong to Yeshua who after all was a Jew, so hes going to continue ranting against Jews and nothing we say is going to dissuade him.

  14. Hi Loving Lifers,

    I have had to delete some of the abhorrent Comments and anti-semetic comments here… and of course the keyboard-warrior swearing at one another.

    Please keep it decent, fruitful, respectful!!

    Gino, you won’t be able to Comment again…
    Edward Barlow, you are teetering on the edge of having your Commenting rights removed too, for anti-semetic Comments, please man, this is not the platform for that!

    Rudi Geldenhuys

  15. I only spread truth and facts. I also know it will offend ignorant people that has not my background of esoteric knowledge. Maybe they need a shock to wake them up or maybe they need to stay in La-La Land. I leave it up to them. Some of us prefer to be trailblazers. If I am not welcome, the story of my life, I shall go but nobody can proof me wrong. These whiners don’t know what they are missing. What does it say in the Bible about throwing your pearls in front of swine? Goodbye.

  16. Biblical quote:God can spare the Edomite(todays jews)after the third generation. This tells me that,after a certain time, God judges the individual not the nation.

  17. We must not confuse any nation with the descendants of Cain, who are all over the world and are integrated into every race,are usually in places of power if not in prison and who hate our creator and his creation.

  18. @ Edward Barlow:

    Everyone has a “TRUTH” they believe in, and everybody’s “TRUTH” is different.

    Your “TRUTH” is perceived from your, and only your perspective. Now you are trying to force your “TRUTH” on a community of very wide make up and proportions here… Whites, Blacks, Couloureds, Indians, Jews and every possible denomination on this earth.

    The Loving Life TV community is not an exclusionary force or factor, it is an inclusive force and factor.

    These are the rules of decency built into this wonderful platform, and you either abide by it… or not.

    Loving Life TV stands for FREEDOM, LIBERTY, FAMILY, COMMUNITY and for ridding the world of the despotic and undemocratic measures currently applied accross the world. It does not stand for anti-semitism, racial devide, devision, inequality, corruption, cadre-deployment or blatant disregard. It does not stand for control by the world’s elite, neither for communism, socialism or fascism. Loving Life TV is bound to the values of decency, respect, tollerance and fair comment within these bounds.

    If these values offend you, Edward Barlow, then you do not belong here, simple as that!

    That’s it…

  19. @ Rudi Geldenhuys:I have read your comment and agree with your standpoint because you are in a difficult situation as far as the media and politics are concerned in today’s world. I would not like to be in your shoes. I would like to leave you with just one thought that did not come from me: “The truth is entirely relative and progressive in its manifestation.”

  20. @ Edward Barlow:


    Freedom of Speech is a difficult concept, when one has to mitigate that concept with decency, all-inclusivity, responsibility, allowability, within the curbs of Law and Justice.

    So, although I am all for allowing all expression, these free expressions still have to amount to some household rules and guidelines here.

    Remember, it is not my platform, it is Scott’s platform. He alone is responsible for content and community guidelines.

    Fact of the matter is, we do not want waring factions inside the community itself, but rather focus on our common goals and perspectives… together.

    I follow the comments… and I have seen many of your comments which are insightful, well thought out, well articulated and decent.

    But the line in the sand is drawn on certain things and we would like you to contribute within these lines.

    I am sure there are other platforms where you could express your sentiments (those we do not want displayed here), but at the same time keep your reasonable comments and input here.

    So, in essence, this is not a fight with you, not an intollerance against you… see it as a guide to what is acceptable here.

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