1. i do also think so ,,it goes about money, going to be dependent,,as in germany thy saying second jab is now only 25 percent effective so my friend is freaking out now as shes got 2jabs

  2. her 3rd jab is only in Jan,, shes freaking out now,, when i told her about beta,, omg ,, she is in a panic,, and thats what big pharma all wanted,,

  3. Theres a whistleblower in Slovenia, confirming that the fake vaccine vials are number coded , no 1 is a harmless saline solution which all the politicians and bigwigs get, no 2 is the mrna vaccine and no 3 is the worst as it promotes soft tissue cancers giving recipients about 2 years to live, at the most probably. Therefore don’t be fooled by news footage of political leaders and film stars getting jabbed, its just a giant con.

  4. They are so clever..lets say they have batch 1, batch 2 and batch 3…1 is a saline placebo, 2 is 50% of the potency of the jab, 3 is the full potency…So not to

    cause huge panic from people dropping dead en masse they inject batch one into the first vaccinated people as well as politicians so that they can show

    everyone that the jab is harmless. At the same time they inject some with batch 2 who they say had co-morbilities when they get ill. And thirdly they inject

    batch 3 into a few and they drop dead. Obviously the 2nd jab won’t include a placebo … Batch 2 people will eventually die as they get more

    and more ill as their immune system is compromised while the batch 3 people die within a few minutes, hours or days of getting the jab. As they give more

    2nd jabs or 3rd jabs the death rate increases and they blame their deaths on something else like a new variant. Such evil evil demons.

  5. Now they have a new variant of Covid in South Africa. We know that Pfizer and BIG PHARMA have orchestrated this so that they can continue to convince the masses to get new jabs for the new variant. Follow the money trail. Booster shots will not help you against the new variant. You will be required to take two shots of the deadly Jab to “protect ” you from this new variant.

  6. Shane Pengelly wrote:
    i saw a newspaper on the same. Isent it to LLTV. It is shoking.


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