1. And still the majority of doctors and nurses remain very quiet. Good on this nurse for speaking out. I hope she gets well again.

  2. We need more medical staff to stand out and not comply to genocide. The truth is that the nurses are killing people and hurting them. They are the ones injecting the poison into people!

  3. Its very sad when the supposed learned people get themselves involved and set themselves up to be injected with an untested substance with no reading of ingredients and have seen and read the consequences on others at their work place , but STILL take it . I sometimes dont even want to have pity on them for being so stupid. The outcry against the jab has been from nearly day 1 when it first came on the market and the VAERS stats are in the public domain , but still they go for it. Thats really daft.

  4. Heaven’s above when is the medical fraternity going to open their eyes and see that they are part of a human genocide. They all swore a hypocratic oath to

    preserve life or is that all bullshit like everything else

  5. @ Biblical Person:
    It is a sorry situation. Nevertheless, I can’t believe that nurses in general are very much better informed than the guinea pigs they encourage to take the jab; the brainwashing begins at the top, as it were, and cascades down to the person on the street. This lass is beating herself up after her recent experience, but has taken an important step toward improving her understanding and showing sympathy to others. I hope she and the many that have contacted her do recover. We may know that further death and suffering lie ahead for vaccinated and unvaccinated, but Dr Zandré Botha has shown that there is hope for both, in spite of the horrific state of the blood contaminated and damaged by the so-called vaccines, the experimental drugs pressed on us by Fauci, his henchmen and minions.

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