1. Andrews in Victoria has started freezing bank accounts and cancelling unemployment and sickness benefits for the enlightened ones that dont want the jab, those that wont succumb to the satanic deception are now being hit hard, Ardern NZs satanic PM has said there will be two classes of NZers the vaxxed and the unvaxxed, complete tyranny.

  2. It is a revolt against DEATH caused by the fake pandemic scams. Mark Zuckerberg chose the right name for his company instrumental in promoting this death cult moulded around the dangerous risky experimental fake vaccines. The name Meta means death in Hebrew and the name meta connected with other add-ons like metatron is also related to the metatron’s cube. a piece of kabbalistic sacred geometry and the metaverse reflects anything to do with meta= death and also Metatron (an angel that may be Enoch that was TAKEN,BODY AND SOUL). It is very applicable that the HAKA (Celebration of LIFE triumphing over death) is now the shout against tyranny. The powerful emotional tribal shout represents the global fight against our extinction.

  3. @ sirme williams:
    I am predicting that this HAKA could become like the satanists ‘taking the knee’ opposition SYMBOL and ACTION as a movement expressed at football games and that all will rise when the HAKA is performed in sympathy to our struggle against tyranny. Don’t be surprised if the HAKA then, will eventually be banned by the nwo from being performed………

  4. I live in New Zealand 🇳🇿 now

    And Ja it was a beautiful country

    But now it is a political basket case

    Thanks to communist Labour Party

    But it is far worse here in New Zealand 🇳🇿

    Because there is no resistance against the evil doers

    Like in my old country South Africa 🇿🇦

  5. I am also fed with them it’s because of them

    I have been unemployed since the beginning of 2020

    When the madness started

  6. @ mo khan321</ Join Voices For Freedom as i have , there are organised groups of us in every part of NZ.

  7. @ mo khan321:
    In most countries under the nwo vaccine attacks, the traitors in power, signed contracts with the vaccine companies that are hidden from public view and the European Parliament recently released a video where they had to fight the Council to get a copy and eventually a redacted contract was shown that would never have been allowed to be signed as acceptable by the EP and by law they should have been part of the contract signing. We must all push for the release of those contracts and that will then be declared null and void by us. Get the original contracts and tear them up.

  8. Here in the UK the people (Sheep) are just going along with the narrative and they believe the lies and medical misinformation that the British government and MSM are pushing on the Sheep.

    The British people actually believe this BS!

  9. It is interesting how governments all over the world are singing off the same hymn sheet and introducing new laws so that they can enforce the narrative!
    Yet, they the Government provide you with false statistics about the amount of vaccine (mRNA Gene Therapy) related deaths and the adverse side effects of this so called vaccine. Thousands of people have died from this so called Vaccine and hundreds of thousand of people have had Adverse Side Effects. Then there is the medical misinformation about Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.
    When these Governments have brought in their so called Vaccine Mandates millions of people will lose their jobs myself included.
    When we have nothing more to lose these elites/globalists, these Government, Police, Military, these Doctors and Nurses better start running because we will come for them in the dead of night! We will do what we must do to remove them.
    Nuremburg Trials will not be enough!

  10. @ sirme williams:
    We The People all over the World should learn the HAKA and practice it all over the world at every demonstration and protest to let the Government know that we the people have had enough and we will now take a stand against them because they the Government, Police and Military have crossed the line.
    We the people do not want a tyrannical Government!
    We the people do not want an authoritarian Government!
    We the people do not want a Government that lies to us all the time!

    These Governments are not for us but against us and have been against us for some time now. All they have done is keep you in an illusion and have kept it that way through the use of MSM.

  11. good to see people waking up and fighting this
    Ardern is a globalist and is following their agenda

    Do not comply – defend your sovereignty

  12. @ Sunclief:
    The governments used 2 important emotions to get their way….1) TRUST where law abiding peaceful citizens would trust their governments to look after the people as they swore they would do
    and 2) FEAR ….where this fearful ‘virus’ came into being and you had to do what the learned would suggest as to survive, trusting that no lies are behind it.
    The same method can be used on them…let them trust that we can do nothing and then when ‘something’ is done then fear will grip the police and they resign and the politicians will flea the country.

  13. Shane Pengelly wrote:

    @ mo khan321</ Join Voices For Freedom as i have , there are organised groups of us in every part of NZ.

    Thank you

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  15. @ Viv:
    @ Crystal Franco:
    @Loving Life

    Dear The TRUTH/ Loving Life. Please block this person @ Crystal Franco. Thank you.

  16. I can picture it now. Many months from now the tyrannical, authoritarian governments of this world will come along and say “Unless you have had your 24th Jab you are unvaccinated!”
    They are doing it in Israel right now.

  17. Don’t mess with the Maoris. I’m guessing they haven’t had long pig in quite some time.

  18. @ Sunclief:
    It is designed to push us over the edge. Those who have not notices the blatant exaggerated exposure of the tyranny being forced upon us, and how it is meant to make us rise up, have not yet figured out the complete evil plot being played out against us.

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