1. it will never stop,, as you say the lies,, and i will always say –how do you trust a black person who was once a commie ANC member including people like famous Neil de Beer to be honest. look at old Malema,, old anc member who now tries and blacken anc but he was once a anc memebr himself,, the old afrikaans people apparently during the Anglo Boer war said”” moet nooit n oorloper vertrou nie,;;; the meaning of the Holland speaking whites during the anglo boer war who went over to join the kakkies,, was same during the WW!! of the Jews who were like half guards looking after fellow Jews,, the Germans got many Jews to be guards looking after there own fellow Jews,,

  2. If we take away the municipality from anc we cut the funding at ground level

    So theire ground force’s no money no support

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