South Africa is a country in pain
    With the Black Knights in charge, insane
    And mostly working for self-gain
    With very little for the people to gain

    Here the white man brought civilisation
    That ended up in stagnation
    Not standing up to the expectation
    Of giving everybody an occupation

    The evolutionary government is worse
    In every aspect proving to be a curse
    While draining the purse
    Instead of writing a new verse

    Since minerals were discovered in the ground
    There was no peace to be found
    For the people who fought on the battle ground
    The politicians deceived in every round

    A way must be instigated soon
    To distribute the mineral wealth in tune
    With the needs of everybody in the commune
    Instead of going to the overseas tycoon

    The State should run it for the people
    Who should not be treated like sheeple
    Banks and all other assets should be the steeple
    That guides, upholds and protects the laypeople

    On the top it was about black and white
    And separatism that is not right
    But deep down a materialistic plight
    That turned everything into a fight

    Ill-informed people went blind
    Pushed by politicians from behind
    That sold out their own kind
    With corporate paybacks in mind

    Can all this be set right
    Without another fight?
    Who will be our White Knight
    That will restore the light?

    There never was, or will be, such a man
    But if we all stand together, WE CAN



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