1. They’ve been diagnosing people with the Delta variant for months. Wondering how they could diagnose something that they have no test for. Follow the fake science. The new South African variant is the BS variant.

  2. Surprise surprise, Pfizer and Big Pharma will come up with a brand new JAB for the new variant.All governments will be forced to purchase millions of shots to JAB their citizens. Follow the money trail. Don’t forget that Big Pharma will be adding their lethal ingredients to the next batch of JABS.

  3. They said that the Delta variant would not reach other countries. A few weeks later it had spread world wide. This has all been planned. Bill Gates and Fauci will be rubbing their hands in glee as they anticipate the riches to be made from the release of this new variant. As Herr Schwab says ” The Covid virus is what we need to introduce The Great Reset “.

  4. what are the countries going to do with all of the vials of vaccines they have now as soon as the new vaccine come son the market in a few days time for the beta variant, South Africa has about 6.5 million extra vials because they ordered them according to the number of people who were getting vaccinated but it slowed down so they told big pharma to sell those ordered to other countries,, what is it telling us, people are getting cleverer and listening to news that its not a vaccine

  5. What baffles me is that they continue to use the useless pcr test. We have been told that it reports more false positives than anything else. It is unreliable and was supposed to be discontinued from December. So why the continued use of it. They can stick their jab, and there ridiculous pcr test as well.

  6. For months we have known that the powers that be will devise yet another strategy just in time for the Christmas holidays. I’m sure that by now they must realize the citizens on the ground are not fools. The so called powers have been beating the proverbial dead donkey for months now. And surely they must realize that their ridicule and attempt to shower those who refuse to be enslaved with their gift of guilt tripping really aren’t so shallow and weak minded to be moved from the foundation of truth. Now that they have tasted power over the masses, they are sold out to deception and are gleeful little slaves to their own greed dangled before their eyes by their master who really couldn’t give a rip about them. They are just useful idiots obeying the orders from the pit of hell and they themselves are just a cog in the global economic wheel. They are replaceable too. Evil is short sighted in this way. The new world order pyramid is being built and we can choose to be a builder of this or not.

  7. Here is what Kurt Mendelson said in his book titled, The Riddle of the Pyramids. States have come and gone. Nations have risen and fallen, but the pattern of their life and strife has been retained in that uneasy equilibrium which we call the balance of power. The world has become much too small for the different shades of men and their individual languages to play separate games. The only thing left to us is the creation of a new pattern of life which takes in all members of the species homo sapient. We have to get together, to work together and to get better acquainted with each other, together we must build a new pyramid. It has to be a unifying common task of such magnitude that its impact will be felt throughout the world. The importance of the project is provided by carrying them out and not by achieving a stated aim. Perhaps we should build a new pyramid and the effort in doing so together may be the necessary sacrifice which we must bring to gain a new and peaceful world community. END OF QUOTE.
    Well, me and my house will serve the Lord God of heaven and not the man named antichrist, the son of perdition. His new pyramid will crumble also dust. Whats the end result? He and all his little helpers will fail and fall.

  8. The SA government is so broke due to theft and and because the anc and there comrades that they Need to blame it on covid just to stay a flout due to funding and blame current economic failure to a fake virus ☹️😡

  9. @ Courageous Cat:
    New South African variant also known as the “K-A-K” variant?

  10. I wonder how much was the government paid to agree to this so-called new virus. It is all about money and the poor people are starving already. 🍞️ New 🔒🔐

  11. The “Nazis” of Australia are now invading Solomon Islands (SI) because the SI Citizens are refusing “666 Jabs”. Australian Defense Forces ADF claim it is not them invading Solomon Islands? So it must be private mercenaries dressed up in ADF uniforms working for Pfizer? Pfizer Jab Agreements demand local Governments to hand over military equipment to be used by their mercenaries. So Global Fascists under Operation Warp Speed have assembled a global military force disguised as local police and army to force 666 jabs?

  12. Telkom internet is blocking this video from playing. I am forced to use Vodacom internet (for now) to watch this video.

  13. Why does UK still use PCR it is banned in USA and these quacks are still using it….When will the bs end.

  14. How do these quacks know that the booster will work on the new variant if they dont know the gene sequence of it yet.Soudns like a a load of BS to me.What the hell does this guy know anyway think he is in the transport dept.

  15. well phizers shares price jumped 6 % when thy announced that thy can within 100 days have a new vaccine available,, how if its only been tested in SA,

  16. twitter banned me for 6 days because i said fully vaccinated people are spreading spike protein

  17. believe me in next few days they going to bring out a new vaccine and say the fully vaccinated must take a booster shot or the new vaccine from the beginning

  18. Good day to you Scott,
    The fact that South African govt is now complaining of “being punished for their early detection of this Omicron variant” is ironic.
    “Covid: South Africa ‘punished’ for detecting new Omicron variant”

    Something about the sequence of this “announcement” is off.

    I personally think, the fact that the Constitutional Court has left off for 14 days after the past week’s 3 days long hearings, in order for the Judge to deliberate the verdict in this important case, could have affected the SA Govt.
    – “Activist takes mandatory vaccine fight to Constitutional Court
    In the past few months, big companies such as PSG and Discovery have encouraged employees to get vaccinated.”

    Maybe, the govt wanted to postpone their “duty to announce a new variant”, until judgement was delivered???

    I say that because Cape Town’s mayor was very, very, upset with the govt, because they made it TOO EARLY:
    “Travel industry despair at new uncertainty caused by super-mutant variant as tourism-dependent Cape Town blasts the way South Africa announced it to the world
    Cape Town mayor slammed country’s Covid experts for ‘rushed’ announcement”…

    Remember, the set date for the announcement was: 4 DECEMBER 2021 – the day of the total Solar eclipse.

    “Here’s when the fourth Covid-19 wave is expected to hit South Africa
    Professor Salim Abdool Karim says the severity will depend on the prospects of new immune-escape variants versus the number of people vaccinated.
    Fourth wave predictions
    Back in June, Professor Salim Abdool Karim told Bhekisisa that SA could almost certainly experience a fourth wave, and based on the data, it is expected to happen in December.”

    The reason why the South African govt HAD to announce, is because ISRAEL forced their hand. Had they not, they would have ended up with mud on their faces, because he would have publicly announced that citizens of Israel, after returning from a visit to family in SEA POINT (little Israel) Cape Town, were “diagnosed”
    with the
    “Covid 19 deadly, symptomless variant, “OMICRON of the double vaccinated”.

    ” After Omicron found, Israel mulls new airport rules; Switzerland bars most Israelis
    World scrambles to respond to new concerning variant; Bennett reportedly wants to close Israel to all foreigners, most ministers opposed
    27 November 2021″

    I think, the South African govt has lost their appetite for the COVERT game. The ANC suffered a huge blow to their ego during the elections. They are unsure about possible future accountability for their role in these COVERT GAMES.

    They realised that Schalk and all his legal colleagues, as well as the CHRISTIANS of this small country at the Southernmost tip of Africa, have finally decided to stand together as one man, and to surpass all the nitty gritty which during “normal times” divide us.

    WE have, through the FREE education Schalk so generously gifted us with, realised that we have a firm foundation in our constitution and labour laws.

    As patients, who are now also covered by the Consumer Protection Act (because we, as LAB RATS, CONSUME BIG PHARMA RUBBISH), we have discovered that we are endowed with AUTONOMY and SOVEREIGNITY over our BODILY INTEGRITY – on a mental, SPIRITUAL, as well as PSYCHOLOGIGAL level.

    Another oddity, is that Israel, 12 November 2021, conducted “Wargames” for their Army:
    Israel conducts COVID-19 ‘wargame’ to beat fictitious Omega strain”

    Heed the title of this “GAME”. OMEGA or BIG O.

    Letter O – as in an unbroken circle of events, or actions and consequences which follows, a cycle perpetually being repeated:

    “uppercase Ο is OMEGA”

    Jesus says, I Am the Alpha, Beginning, Source, and END or OMEGA the COMPLETION of God’s Creation according to His Righteous order.

    “lowercase ο,
    literally ‘small o’ is mikrón, micron meaning ‘small’
    in contrast to omega.
    Omega means powerful, important, significant, while omicron symbolises the MINUTE (any Airborne or water soluble PATHOGEN)

    o-micron for the INSIGNIFICANT, LEAST LITTLE ones….

    ‘Omicron’, not ‘Nu’ or ‘Xi’: Did WHO skip two letters of Greek alphabet to avoid ‘Xi’? By Shreya | Published: Saturday, November 27, 2021

  19. The recently published book “The Real Anthony Fauci; Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a must read for all. Available also on Kindle etc. Blows Fauci et al out of the water.

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