1. There are very good reasons why employers are employing foreign workers. 1)The unions, 2)Harder workers, 3)Prepared to work instead of waiting for
    handouts. And that is just a few reasons

  2. Terrorist thug mentality .give me or i kill you. no hope no future i hope the world is watching these murdering thugs sons of snakes

  3. Wow, threats are just becoming worse by the day. Sandton the bastion of the super rich!

  4. The ANC promised them Wakanda,” when we take over SA your troubles are over “. No ,under white rule they had jobs because SA had a functioning economy, and im sure that without white business activity ,unemployment numbers would be stratopheric.

  5. If businesses can refuse entry to anyone they want, because of socialist distancing, etc, then businesses can hire whomever they want.

  6. Well the ANC are stooges to Schwab’ WEF, the Khazarian Mafia, and nwo terrorists, and basically when they kept the anc in power, they elected their own doom and so the doom of the country. They simply have to kick the foreign INFLUENCES OUT OF THE COUNTRY and the problems will be solved. The future with the WEFNWO will actually REPLACE ALL WAITERS WITH ROBOTS and the vaccines will genocide most of South Africa’s population and the robots will only serve the remaining Khazarian Mafia members. The answer lies in stopping the power tools of the nwo terrorist, that is vaccines and medical/health martial law as we have now and to declare that SA is vaccine/covid free. With no vaccines, no covid or mutations will exist and SA can be FREE from the nwo/communist dictatorship. With communism, the communist can create the SUPER APARTHEID where the few leaders are the elite and the rest will be slaves controlled by any health law to keep them and their children as slaves forever.

  7. He we go, the insolence shows its ugly head again!

    Employment is a privilege, not a right. The employer chooses from job applicants the skills he needs in order to advance his business, it’s as simple as that. We have been trying to get this principle across to the morons of Wakanda since 27 long years, but to no avail.

    It looks as if this thread is a desperate attempt to frighten establishments into compliance to their outrageous demands. That will not happen, regardless of what the malicious ANC/EFF whispers into their ears….

  8. It’s like the old saying “I want a good paying job with perks, preferably with no work”.

  9. It’s a funny thing if you go to Sandton city most of the shoppers are black!! and most are wealthy!! I don’t think they give a damn if they are served buy locals or foreigners!! Are they going to go for the next bastion of wealth big corporations who have offices in Sandton!! Where the white minority whites work!! They should approach the ANC who have left them stranded!!

  10. Threats of violence are such a wonderful incentive for any possible employer to employ such great youngsters . Perhaps try a horse head in the capitalist exploiters bed ? Worked for Don Corleone. Another way might be to ask Ex president Zuma where he is hiding the 5 million jobs he promised .

  11. The horde’s of hookers around the mandela statue in sandton city that have been there for around 10 years were the writing on the wall and malema’s lawyer is based there too.

  12. so let us see this new terrorists’ tactic is give me job or i kill you. Imagine having 7 or 15 of these criminals working around you. next move is were taking over your business shop etc we have your wife and kids hostage .even in zim or zambia these little rats would be beaten to a pulp in public. great cv info i bet . you give job or we burn shop.


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