1. i knew from beginning this is man made,, this is why i refuse to take the jab…

  2. There is no virus. Their bioweapons that are not human made are put in the injections. Masks are causing infections inside the lungs. Not a virus. And ventilators are killing people. The bioweapon was pushed in a lab with technology to be pushed into humans through the injections. The DNA changing technology is inside the vaccine. The human manipulated man made bioweapon is injected inside of you. The research that is being done with the tax dollars are research done to decrease the human population.

  3. They want to 666 jab me like an animal, they will meet my animal side on the battlefield.

  4. 2018 Nicki Minaj – Chun-Li video warns of virus.
    Shi Zhengli “studied” chimera Wuhan virus
    named it the first Disease X;
    for WHO’s blueprint priority diseases.
    00:18 First XX on glass window (20).
    01:05 Rice hat worker wearing face mask.
    01:13 Floating red china virus.
    01:26 Guy wearing face mask and glasses.
    01:30 Second XX on glass window (2020).
    (XX is Roman numeral for 20; year 2020.
    XX represents female sex chromosomes;
    viruses almost identical to chromosomes,
    XX hairpins for Chinese buns.)
    01:36 Chimera face mask.
    02:03 “MAST” neck collar and antenna array crown.
    02:29 Female and male dancers kept separated,
    (sex attack for population control).
    02:40 big pink coronavirus.
    03:07 “get on their f*****’ keyboards”,
    (AI using keyboard metadata to ID you)
    03:08 “make me, the bad guy.”
    (Big Tech attacking disbelievers).
    03:29 “Plates say ‘Chun-Li’ drop the Benz off.
    (Bribe Professor Chun Li with Mercedes-Benz)
    03:38 Breathing out coronavirus of fire.
    “Give me password to F***** WiFi”,
    (WiFi is WiGig for weapon activation).

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