1. What white man will want to work in a black community with the potential of this happening to him…this is one more step in the direction of the US splitting up into separate states…😔😔😔

  2. The jury system is not an independent and impartial component in any criminal justice system. This is why it was abolished in South Africa in the 1969. A judge or magistrate alone must make the judgment based on law and facts in an impartial manner. Chauvin elected not to testify. This was his decision. This sealed his fate.

  3. If this was a fair trial then I’me a monkeys uncle. No sequestration, biased media coverage,President of USA and Congress woman prescribing what needs to be done. Biden keeps mouthing off about systemic racism, does he not realize that he is creating a new kind of systemic racism.
    Well the of children of their father the devil have through their so called “peaceful protests” put the fear of God into the jury and have got their wishes. Watch this beautiful country descend into chaos.

  4. Hopefully when the US faces the maelstrom, it will heed the mistakes of South Africa and ensure an entire ethnic territory for those of European descent only. Otherwise we will face what our brothers and sisters are experiencing in South Africa right now…We will see…🤨🤨🤨

  5. sorry but justice was served..who does what that officer did. the knee was not on the back but clearly on the neck. He and the rest of those officers stood there like arrogant proud d’heads and some one died…regardless of colour the action was unbelievable..imagine that was your kid that couldnt breathe…imagine

  6. ..and NO i do not support blm or any of these crazies i come purely from a christian point of view..no one has the right to take life surely not trigger happy officers

  7. What about the new case in Ohio then, this is not just stopping with Chauvin. The trial was completely unfair…🤨🤨🤨

  8. @MCK surely if your approach is the Christian view you would consider all evidence to exact the truth. You have chosen to believe only one set of evidence and ignored the other set which clearly stated that the knee had no influence on the outcome. If this was considered it would have created doubt in the Juries mind, and beyond reasonable doubt is the requirement of your own laws. Being selective in what truth suits your agenda is not Christian my friend,but borders on demonic. It took your jury 10 hrs to come to a decision in what surely was a very complex case, this is an indication that through fear, and the desire to bow down to peer pressure they folded and gave the decision that the racist BLM factions and congresswoman Waters wanted. They denied a full consideration of all facts in search of truth, this is NOT the Christian way.

  9. @Dan i have a feeling you are a trump supporter..i saw a video of a man been pulled out of a car bamboozel to the ground by a buch of men in blue. saw an officer pinning the man down whilst having it seems a jolly old time…now what on earth did this man do to deserve this…was he shooting at someone, did he have a gun, did he attack the officers heck did he so much as heckle these men…..non of the above… he had a false 20 dollar note…Dan the man talk about demonic…YOU have CHOSEN to believe what suits YOUR narritive. He died because a trigger happy egotistical powermonger abused his authority and A MAN IS DEAD OVER A 20. …again…did he have a gun was he attacking anyone was he aggresive was he a threat…NOOOOO he was drugged and could not even focus,,,ur man is a murderer but much worse than that hes a freeking COWARD. take responsibility for your actions and admit to it. dont hide behind the law like a lowlife…HE DESERVES IT

  10. @mck, many of your perceptions are wrong, firstly I am a supporter of no man, neither Trump and certainly not Biden or should I say Harris who will prove to be one of the worst Presidents in America’s history. I march under the banner of Christ and bow my knee to no man or organization certainly never to BLM or the secular Church of today. If you read my comments with some thought, you would see my focus was on standing up for the truth, and your jury clearly did not do that, but bowed to the pressure of the prevailing lies being propagated as truth in the great American democracy hence a decision in 10 hours. I am not sure what the outcome would have been,but would have respected whatever it was if we were satisfied that the Jury TRULY deliberated over there findings. The fact that they were in for only 10 hrs, is an indication that it was a foregone conclusion and that they bowed to the pressure of a diabolical lie being perpetrated on the American nation that all white people are racist, and all white police officers are racist. You say you observed them having a jolly old time. Let me tell you what I saw, I saw a tragedy evolving. I saw three men trying to do a difficult and dangerous job as best they could, I saw another man a big man, resisting like a spoiled child in a toy store, all attempts to subdue Him were wasted. The tragedy is, Four lives are down the tubes, George’s spirit has gone wherever the judge of all men has decided and we trust that this God of love and grace has poured out His mercy upon Him. The other three will have this incident with them for the rest of their lives, and it will leave its mark believe you me. Derek will possibly spend the rest of his life incarcerated, Pray for this victim of circumstances for this man,s spirit as well.

  11. Well said, Pastor Dan. You have the ability to hold your tongue, where I would fail so miserably. Right is wrong and wrong is now the new right. What a sad reality it all has become.

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