1. Say no more!!! You can’t make this s#$T up. It is embedded in their culture.🐮🦃🦃🦃🐮

  2. There goes the myth that black people have more natural rhythm than whites…everyone on that stage collectively cannot dance…LOL!

  3. Joe Biden, Al Gore and Bill Gates died in various accidents and ended up in heaven together before the throne of God. God asked Biden “What do you believe in?” Biden said, “I believe in helping children and spreading love.” God said “Good, go stand over there!” Then he asked Mr. Gore, “What do you believe in?” Gore said, “I believe in the conservation and preservation of the earth.” God said, “Good, go stand beside of Joe Biden!” Then he asked Gates, “What do you believe in Mr. Gates?” Gates said, “I believe you are in my chair!”

  4. Hi all. Trump signed.. For fema camps to be opened all around the USA. My god they will kill us all. Just so you know. Police going after patriots.. hard. For no reason at all.

  5. Cin Coy: Doesn’t sound like Trump. Also in 20 days he will no longer be President. So this is what they call a ‘moot’ issue…

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