1. Its clear now, if CR wants to use this as an escape goat, its clearly not working because he has no feeling of what is hapening at route level.

  2. With SAPS showing such a low profile in all of this, just remove all covit levels an let covit and its variants sort the problems.

  3. What they need is for Leon Schuster to stand on the roof of a bakkie flying a flag which says “ZUMA MUST FALL “. That will put a stop to the road blocks in seconds. Eish !! South Africa is CACTUS .

  4. guys you are looking at a great opportunity to buy real estate at a “rock” bottom (excuse the pun!!)price.just look at this bootiful guest house -for less than us$100,000.

  5. oops – link -https://www.property24.com/for-sale/rosetta/mooi-river/kwazulu-natal/11521/109985879

  6. The President has to deal with more trouble on his plate than just Covid 19. What is he going to tell the nation tonight besides how to deal with this virus? What about the economy? I foresee short supplies of many goods, including food, medication and other necessities. This is chaotic to say the least! What about the poor truck drivers who are more than likely jobless now? I shudder when I see the looting at the supermarkets as well! We need to pray for a miracle in this nation now!

  7. so the great failed state azania is little more than a circus of Marxists clowns with a standard 2 education . its properly all a big anc plan send zuma to jail and create chaos ..maybe zuma is in on it along with the courts. never trust a stinker or a godless commie.

  8. Bring back Separate development. Then we can build something decent from the ashes.

  9. Our dark fellow South Africans going back to their roots and do what they are absolute world class in : Destruction , mayhem , violence , burning and looting.

  10. Looks like just another excuse for shopping African style….😥😥😥

  11. With the lockdown ou hoedjie CELE and RAMAPHOSA put 80 000 army people all over to force people to wear masks and hunt only white people, now the CONE HEADS burned, looted and blocked the roads and damage private property and ZUMA’s Family and CELE must be responsible for all those losses in KZN. Put all of them in Jail with their Father. I think Duduzane is the same likes Father can’t think or count.

  12. 1970s.camp quatro angola camp 13..all anc terrorists who failed in the Rhodesian bush war attacks against the RLI went to camp quatro .week later they were buried up to their neck and had a plastic bag put over their head. then pushed into shallow graves . zuma was the nat man and chief murderer of his own cadres at camp 13. his men feared him like satan him self . they called him the butcher. you see the average anc voter is too stupid to read 8hrs of old anc history in a whole life time. zuma and his fellow snakes rule south africa like a terrorist camp. i see in just a few short years 7 million s a Bantu LOOKING AND BEGGING for POLITICAL ASYLUM out side south africa .

  13. The looting is not only about Zuma. Poverty creates two things, criminals or revolutionist.

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