1. Let us in mainly white countries, push for large scale black immigration, and then we can personally enjoy all the advantages that this brings, such as violence mobs ruining everything in sight and helping themselves to free stuff.

  2. belgian congo 1960s was mayhem and loot burn kill for some years .its still a ruin and poo pit in 2021.always said its coming to s a from anc retards . my grand father was living in katanga left to s a in 1963 . 1989 he saw f w de kak on tv and said its coming here very soon and left s a in 3 months .

  3. Well thank god he had the sense to get out quickly…the wisdom of the ancients…

  4. Those women are speaking Zulu, and, while laughing, are saying: ”Where are we going to put all these things? There is just not enough room for everything. All those boxes there are full of clothes!”🤬


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