1. looks like American “democratic” cities doesn’t it? hmmm one would think there is a common thread—

  2. you can see what happens when someone steals their piesangs they go in full retard mode the anc zoo.

  3. @ iks:
    You can’t say that, after all, those white liberals sitting in their big houses and driving their luxury cars , say that we are all the same,exactly the same, although of course anyone with a speck of commonsense knows that the Japanese are a bit different to Papua New Guineans, in fact quite a lot different.

  4. Seems the only thing thats changed in 30 years is the colour of those holding the guns

  5. Suidlanders have been planning for this eventuality for a very long time. The water supply has been severed in an area of PMB, with threats of water & electricity supplies being cut sounding in other areas now too. Those who haven’t prepped are advised to contact organisations like Suidlanders asap – before your phone batteries die – to gain insight on how to protect yourself and your family….before its too late!!

  6. i blamed de klerk all the years for leading sa into this anarchy,, but to be honest Germany is to blame,, and USA france Italy belguim thy all forced np party to give in thy forced de Klerk and np party to give in to and,, then when the saw what hell thy let loos in streets thy turned their backs on SA and now call it a 3rd world country,, as a born South African white man in Germany I’ve experienced that totally disregard for us when applying for a permit and visa,,was told straight in my face in german====but sir you come from South Africa its a third world country u do not qualify for the cheap state medical aide,,

  7. @ michellejoanstarling:
    wish i could say the real words here what the are,,


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