1. They will have to shoot me first before giving children the poison shot. Hospitals are killing people and leaving them to die. Ventilators are killing machines and hospital staff don’t know what is going on. I’d rather offer out rewards for anyone who can take out these tyrants poisoning the children. These murderers have to go. The poison affects your ability to reproduce. They are poisoning the children.

  2. Fortunately for the ANC, all my Children and Grand Children have become Australian Citizens, and I have no Children or Grand Children left in South Africa. For if they were still here and were forced to take the jab, whoever was involved would be hunted down and shot like a rabid dog, not only that person, but his whole family and even his dog.

  3. @ Biblical Person:
    The drug Remdesivir is also injected as protocol treatment and Fauci developed that also and it got approved in a dubious way, where before ‘approval’ it was classified as a poison with many deaths. You get severe kidney failure and other failures, and they make it look like ‘covid’. If people stay out of hospitals they stand a better chance to survive just drinking water than getting the protocol treatment. If you have malaria it will show the same symptoms as ‘covid’ and then they say it is covid and you are actually denied getting malaria treatment. Ivermectin actually also is used as treatment for malaria and some covid vaccine products have parasites in it also and that is what ivermectin is also killing and if you don’t get ivermectin, then that parasite is doing its job right under the noses of doctors and nurses, undisturbed.

  4. The have no say over our children. They had better tread carefully. If they want a war, they will get one, and I am not implying a legal war if you get my drift.


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