1. the anc will only go out of power the way they came in. by the barrel of a gun. the vote is rigged since 90s . the day will come when millions of bantu youths will chase and hunt anc voters and civil servants through the streets, hunting them with boxes of matches rocks and axes . mark my words its coming. the cops and army will hide under their beds as the mobs hunt for them. the most blood thirsty retards will run the next government with more empty promises.

  2. @ penny sparrow:
    Penny, I don’t know where your thoughts were when you were writing that.
    Please don’t doom us further into the pit of helplessness.

    We are not going to hands-up so easily.
    I have no fear of what is coming because I know God is still in control and all my faith and blessed hope are in our Savior, Jesus Christ.
    Our Boer nation has hearts of lions not of chickens.

  3. Anton Rupert is the main kingpin in the destruction of South Africa, only to satisfy his greed for money. No wonder the scriptures say, It will be easier for a Camel to go through the eye of the needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven. Because these evil entities benifit and live off the missery of the lower and middle class. Anton Rupert is in charge of South Africa, all political parties dance to his tune.

  4. According to the documents presented for the Concourt case by Maarman, the anc, Da and eff are all represented in the same corporation serving under Rupert, and if coalitions are going to be formed where the results don’t favor the anc, they could either form a strong coalition, or the eff alone will help the anc in numbers with a coalition. The eff is just a splinter group of the anc, trying to capture the radical elements that when push comes to shove, will support the anc to benefit Rupert. (The da will do the same when Rupert orders them to do so.)The elections are an illusion of democracy in action. All it will show is when certain leaders of smaller parties, will express new perspectives on the political floor that may indicate the desire of voters to be fulfilled, but the majority will still vote for their traditional game players, if they are corrupt or not. So their will be an illusion that the anc loses votes, but the real Rupert ‘party’ will not suffer.

  5. I think that we are in the beginning of the tribulation that our Lord told us about, therefore this is the time that Satan will prevail. The ANC which serves evil will therefore come in again, whether by hook or by crook. There are just to many who are being deceived by the ruler of this world, It is just going to continue until our Lord comes and puts an end to it all. Is it not amazing that despite worldwide protests by huge gatherings of people, nothing happens. The protests are ignored, and those who are serving Satan just carry on and implement his agenda.

  6. Because they have done a horrible and terrible job of governing the people of my old country South Africa 🇿🇦

    That’s why they are losing their votes

    I hope all the smaller parties especially the specific ones like the VF + and Inkatha freedom party take all the votes

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