1. 1000% narcissist. He feel so sorry for himself and he does what narcissist do best manipulate and patronize

  2. Hi folks,

    I have a a bit of experience dealing with a person with a serious mental condition…

    During our relationship and marriage, my 1st wife suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder (well she still does and is now way worse than ever before), which I suppose is somewhat similar to the Bipolar Disorder.

    There is some seriously good medicine for Bipolar Disorder… and it is relatively easy to curb with these drugs… but it also has to go hand in hand with a whole program of undergoing Psychiatric care… over quite some time.

    Borderline Personality Disorder, on the other hand, is way more complex… and at the time the advice was that there is’nt really medicine to curb it… but that the person had to undergo a very serious and rigerous Psychiatric program. I am not sure whether 19 years of medicine has advanced enough, to have alleviated the absense of proper drugs for Borderline Personality Disorder. I was told at the time that women with this condition tended to outgrow the Borderline Personality Disorder in their very late forties… but in this woman’s case she only got way worse over time and is now very close to a padded cell.

    But what these 2 conditions have in common is that it is extremely difficult to have stable relationships with these people…

    People, it is close to impossible to deal with these people and come out unscathed on the other side!!

    Of course I got divorced, so my problems were largely a thing of the past, except that I had to fight a looooong 13 month High Court battle to get FULL CUSTODY over my very young son and in so doing save him from the influence of this monsterous condition of his mother.

    The unfortunate resultant effect is now that my son is well past middle 20’s and has a son of his own, he decided to break all contact with his mother, because he did not want to expose his son (my grandson) to his mother’s unstable nature. Her 2nd child (through a couple of marriages after ours) has in the last 2 years also been taken away from her and accordingly the young daughter is now much better off too.

    Having said all this, if you are in the public eye, like Anthony Hall is…. it would be much better for him to withdraw from these PUBLIC circumstances and concentrate on getting long term help, in order to live as normal a life as is possible.

    PS! I can immediately think of one other very, very public figure… who in my estimation has a serious mental condition and who should rather stand down from his current very serious political aspirations and above all work on his serious EGO problems. I think you’ll make the logical and correct inference as to who I am speaking about…

    Have a good one, out there…


  3. I placed my comment immediately above before I watched the video, but obviously after last night’s Live Stream.

    So, Hall says Scott lowered his standards last night… eishhhh

    This after Scott clearly said he wants to hear and broadcast both sides of the story and after Scott clearly indicated that he would like Hall to tell his side too!!

    My honest opinion now, after watching this video… daar is nie salf te smeer aan Anthony Hall nie. He has revealed himself, revealed the truth about his vindictive nature!!

    Trek af, plak toe… die man sal homself sink. Die waarheid skyn ALTYD deur!

  4. Anthony Hall will fade and not come on a Live Stream with Scott…

    He’s one of those who can never accept that there is any other way, than his way… he will never have the temerity to accept his own wrongs.

    My opinion… he is crude and uncouth!!

  5. well mr hall long ago picked up ptsd and did not have it treated . this will then have a long term health effect on his mind and even huge changes in thinking patterns and interests in life. lot of ex sap officers landed up hard drinkers and having serious problems of the mind. tough job dealing with s a crime. i knew a cop inspector who one day went totally mad after 25 years on the job .he was not looked after just dumped in a hospital for 6 months drugged up.even 15 years later he still believes hes a police man we all say nothing when he starts this behaviour .hes a control freak full of self important statements .

  6. I am not a doctor or specialist of people that have been diagnosed with Bipolar. What I do know is that I have seen, read and heard of many people that speculate before the facts. Is it possible for Scott to interview a specialist practitioner about Bipolar. Thank you.


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