1. Meddling with God’s creations is not a good thing. The evil that have brought these devil jabs on humanity must be totally wiped out.

  2. This is why our Govts and their partners in crime, the medical profession and the msm are criminals, godless satanic criminals.

  3. @ anthony:
    Unfortunately this is really happening as many videos confirm incl this one, its all very horrible of course but its something we have to acknowledge.

  4. @ Black_eyed_bullshit Black_eyed_bullshit:

    TROLL ALERT 🆘🆘🆘❌❌❌📛📛📛Same idiot as before with a different label…Burn the idiot

  5. anthony wrote:

    wonder how true this is

    There seems to be a host of theories, mostly involving the paranormal. Has anyone actually seen a black-eyed child or adult? What evidence exists?

    Photos and videos are suspect, particularly in our time, which allows extremely convincing computer-aided tampering. The stories are generally accepted to have arisen in about 1996, though some claims referred back to the eighties. My guess, today, is that it’s a myth.

  6. You guys are sounding ridiculous. The babys eyes are normal. It just appears black because the iris in proportion to the eye is bigger in some new borns. You can clearly see the whites of his eyes.

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