1. Thats an interesting question ” are you a racist” Everybody knows that racism is a thing of the past in the new SA, i mean look at Malema and Ramaphosa, two shining examples of non-racism.

  2. demonic terrorists ..they cant even keep the lights on .failed state run by jail bird serial killers

  3. Most township dwellers steal electricity. Put an end to that then we payers won’t have to suffer.

  4. Cry me a river… De Ruiter has been cleared and now this reporter wants to put him through another enquiry.

    This similar sort of thing put me off Oprah Winfrey – she’d put people on the stand and act judge!!

    Enca is really painful👎

  5. @ Marguerite Johnson:
    Open racism is everywhere in SA, with the white minority on the receiving end, yet somehow the inference in this interview is that the white guy must be a racist because hes white, thats the appalling reality for the whites in SA.


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