1. I think your right Scott. If they start hurting kids there will be a war.. It’s so sad they would hurt children there more then evil. There no words for them.

  2. Children are also made sterile and that will be a longterm affect and how will they identify that type of ‘damage’ that is done now?. They will have to wait too long and by then Australia is dead and gone. Just by using Israel as the prime example of the scam and dangers, action can be taken and based only on INTENT. They declared to harm children based on facts from Israel. The war is already on. If we are to be depopulated then at least depopulate the evil nests also.

  3. I would not be surprised if there is a world wide uprising against the New World Order and the Elite. Many of these Anti-Christs would become personal targets of assassinations. Only time would tell.

  4. The moment we start harming our children, the one who said it would be better for you to tie a millstone around your neck and be dropped into the deepest part of the ocean, will intervene. I have made the choice to stand with this one and His name is Jesus. I reject absolutely Satan and his evil agenda, and I want nothing to do with him.

  5. I have been preaching that for ages and yes , eliminate , liquidate, disappear , kill them all , right down to the local doctors, politicians , justice officials and especially all the pharma employees , and nurses who know what they have done . They have sowed the seeds of death and its now time for harvesting.

    The only thing that puzzles me is that “they” are offering money to someone else to do the job. They are trained and they have higher contacts as well as contacts with mercenaries , hitmen and assassins.

  6. @klaaswertman cut the defeatist attitude. We have God on our side. Too many bangbroeks around but there will always be those with the guts to stand against evil. Who do they think they are if they think they can take on the almighty?

  7. This thought has crossed the mind of every conservative
    Only faith & tolerance have prevented this to date
    BUT if the red line is crossed, it will be a righteous war

    clothe yourself in the armor of God & pick up your sword

  8. Australia and many other governments have been captured by foreign elements and the compromised governments and officials were coerced to rebel against the legal constitutions and systems, and thus they can be identified as the enemy of the state and it is not the citizens breaking the law, but them.There is plenty of evidence of their intentions and goals and it is apparent that if no action is taken then it is an actual passive acceptance of the situation and most have thus surrendered to the enemy and if they declare a new system tomorrow then all must abide by their new laws as the conquerors are entitled to enforce, or face the consequences. If a society is unable to identify a crisis involving their freedom, then losing that freedom means nothing to them in any case and their freedom is there for the taking. The conquerors have now obtained that precious freedom to do what THEY want…they thus have the ‘freedom’ to kill us all. Did big pharma really succeed to dissolve our backbones with all their chemicals and tricks?

  9. Every one pushing for the killer jab to be mandatory should get taken out. Even if it is your brother. Their minds already have been satanicaly cluttered. Stone them I say. Start with the main ones. Gates and his cronies


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