1. This is coming for them, soon:

    “Then out of the smoke of the earth demons like locusts came forth on the earth and such power was granted them as the power the earth’s scorpions have.
    They were told not to hurt the herbage of the earth nor any green thing nor any tree, but only to attack such human beings as do not have the seal of God on their foreheads.”

    Go and read the whole chapter of Revelation 9 to see what torture awaits them.

    Shalom🕊 Jesus is Coming👑

  2. @ Forest Man:
    No, their spirits are dead to the voice of God, because their father satan is a lier and they only listen to him. They are deceived and rotten to the core.
    On top of everything else, the Pfizer bioweapon with the mRNA are injected into these innocent victims bodies!
    GOD HELP US!!!!!

  3. Disgusting and evil. We are at the end and Jesus is coming back very soon.

  4. I have no other word
    But DISPEACABLE. I’M DISGUSTED at what humanity has become.

  5. Because i made it clear to the church minister at the church ive been attending, that i wont be getting jabbed hes taken it upon himself to relieve me of my voluntary van driving duties , because im a health threat to the passengers, other churches have notices proclaiming their complicity with the covid rules and encourage people to scan in, there are pastors openly telling people to get jabbed and have been jabbed themselves and had pcr tests, anyone disagreeing with the covid lies is branded as a conspiracy theorist in most churches where i live. So actually id be better off attending a hindu temple or the one local mosque.

  6. @ Shalom7:That is how it goes in a country where they have rejected God …we are next …God is being rejected everywhere…now in a time of need who do you call upon?

  7. God is not a deserter. He never gives up and he never fails. No matter how foolish we sometimes are and have been. We have a path and we have lessons to learn.

    The dark forces have been residing and praying on humankind on Earth. There are beings and entities but they are mainly invisible. No matter how powerful they of the dark think they are they cannot stand against the light.

    The trick is not to fight the way the other fellow (the dark) fights.

    The best trick is to call on the Hosts of Heaven.
    Under the Universal Law of this Galaxy.
    ” • Only those entities and energies of positive vibration and higher frequency will be given permission to occupy this planet Earth.”
    “• Earth Gaia is a frequency of light that no longer allows lower, negative frequencies to inhabit the surface or indeed any region under the surface of the planet.”
    This too applies to the covid vaccines. The hidden things within the vaccines are evil and they are of lower vibration.
    The target of the dark forces is focused on the fooled public and now the attack on children is to nullify and destroy any future for humankind. It is simply evil .

    Rather than rage and extreme anger – look to your own vibration – work on raising it. When the vibration of all people rises and everyone makes a huge difference then the covid things within the jabs will dissolve and be of no force. Remember Force begets force.
    Consider the following:

    At Death there is no motion as the being has departed. Thus there is no vibration. Notice we all are yet alive.
    now we need to move up

    Above exhilaration – as you do more and more you get faster and better and your vibration rises. Everything you touch seems to work better and better. There is more positive in every way.

    Then above this have you ever noticed how good and fantastic you feel when you have achieved some completed task or goal – this is the feeling of exhilaration. It is the beginning of ACTION.

    Strong interest
    Mild interest – bored
    Positively Hostile

    Increasing your vibration helps everyone on Earth.
    How do you do this.
    Stand up for truth.
    Turn every situation to a positive context.
    Work on positive thoughts and positive actions.
    Care for those around you.
    This does not mean that you take on the problems of every other person – each has his own God given path and destiny to follow.
    Simply build the vibration. A world of growing Light will simply expell the dark.

    Every human being on Earth is capable and able to – in his or her own way add to the light.

    It may seem strange but think about it. The trees are alive there is a consciousness in all trees and plants. So too nothing on Earth is lacking life. Earth itself is a consciousness and has a state of being alive.

    Talk to the trees and plants – care for them. Care for Earth Gaia. She will appreciate it.
    Each tiny action raises the vibration of the whole.

    Space is created by ones attitude.

    The dark enemy seeks to bring a collapsed attitude to lower and lower until death.
    It is easy to defeat the dark.

    God is SOURCE and his spark is the spark that is in each human being. Build the spark. Your spark.

    Pray to God and the Angellic hosts – they are watching.
    WE each need to do our part. We have God given free will but if we never ask for help we deny ourselves and our children and ALL humanity from the help and guidance that stands against the dark forces throughout the Galaxy.



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