1. The police officers are so far into this, that they fail to realize that they ARE the Nazis.

  2. Genius knows its limits. Stupidity doesn’t…being a bully is as far as their “thinking” goes.

  3. Unfortunately most NZers and Australians have accepted this totally unnecessary lockdown atrocity. Queueing at the supermarket yesterday was an eye opener, although you had to wear a mask inside the building ,it wasn’t required outside and yet everyone queueing except me were masked, after finally getting their food and getting into their cars they were still masked. This proves to me that the majority in NZ are gone and theres no hope for them.

  4. I cannot for the last month get the videos to play. I read comments to get the jist of it, but I know there is important information in between the lines. Very frustrating as I really appreciate your work of the past Scott. HELP!!!!!!


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