1. Please people, do proper research. Mainstream media is pushing an agenda. They are bought and bribed ! Think for yourself, how can any so called expert warrant your safety when there is no long term data available. This is an experimental injection, destroying your natural immunity, and resulting in major damage to your body, your blood and health. And the vaccine manufacturers cannot be touched, no matter what damages you suffer. What does that say to your commen sense? They inject you with unnatural ingredients, making billions out of it, and if you have some adverse reaction, not their problem. They will not pay one cent towards your medical costs or for your funeral. They make so much money, they bribed the medical professionals to push their greedy agendas, and what happens to you after receiving the poison, they couldn’t care less. They are indemnified. May God Almighty reveal the truth to people and save us from these evil agendas.

  2. Does anybody need more proof that we are in a spiritual war with Satanists?


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