1. Goodday scott we in south africa cannot play videos for some reason

  2. Good for you girl, every policeman with a conscience should follow your example.

  3. Just wondering if dangerous Dan has been jabbed, hes obviously hellbent on getting Australians jabbed with the safe and effective vaxx so surely he wouldn’t be averse to getting it, but my gut feeling is that he and his family wont be taking it. These globalist NWO lackeys are absolute hypocrites, the mask mandate throughout Victoria, that Dans fiercely enforcing doesn’t apply to himself of course ,he never wears one, what a nasty little creep .

  4. 8th of December 2021 could the defining date in the World’s history according to a vision of a Catholic priest. We had WW1 followed by the Spanish flu and Mary’s divine appearance expressing displeasure with the world.

  5. The police are there to serve and protect the people, not Andrews the clown.

  6. The Aussie government and the State governments are taking orders from the New World Order . Bill Gates, Fauci, Schwaab and their puppet organisation, the WHO, are telling the Australian authorities to implement these ridiculous restrictions and mandates. Dan Andrews is just another well paid puppet. So good to see at least one Victorian Policewoman with enough intelligence to see what is really happening. You go girl !!

  7. South Africans were beat up yesterday during a peaceful March at Sea Point

  8. This is already way past time.
    I want to see Andrews knocked onto the ground with his head smashing into the ground and then sprayed in the face with teargas – just as his cowardly thugs did to that 70 year old lady.

    No apology will do now. He must be jailed along with any thugs shown to have done these things. Then they must pay their debt to society.

    Only then can ‘good’ police expect to start building their tattered reputation.
    There will be some who will never forgive them.

    permanent damage

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