1. Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.
    If you allow fear to dictate your life from outside sources with but one aim in mind and that is absolute control over your mind, you become a slave to fear.
    This not the time for us to:
    R…Run but to


    Whatever this world throws at you, be BRAVE!!!
    It’s ok to be scared but, let your FAITH be bigger than your fears.
    The more you fear the more power you give it.
    My advice is not to listen to what is being put out there by mainstream media, because if you do, it will play mindgames with you and eventually kill you.
    You have to decide that fear will have no hold on you and stand firm in what you believe as the TRUTH.
    Do not be conformed by the ways of this wicked world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind and by staying in the Word of God, which is the ultimate TRUTH!!!

  2. Not being particularly ‘Religious’ …. But from the ‘Biblical Predictions’ this could be IT ….. All this smacks so of ‘ The Mark of the Beast ‘ and ‘666’ …. I do Not believe that the ‘666’ is an actual ‘number’ , but most likely a ‘Sequence’ of ‘ Number and Letters …. Possibly 3 groups of 6 ….. ????
    Cheers from NZ

  3. I have no more words to describe them but plane πŸ™ˆ EVIL. πŸ˜‘πŸ€¬πŸ‘Ή

  4. @ KiwiKeith:
    Yup, Graphene oxide.
    Let us make sure that we have enough oil in our lamps.
    Time is running out.

  5. @Kiwikeith
    These numbers derive from Gematria. For instance if you do the words on the popes silly hat” Vicarius Filii Dei” you’ll find it comes to 666.

  6. Well, it’s not like the Bible didn’t tell us this was coming. Luke 21:28 “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh”.

  7. @ KiwiKeith:
    This is the mark, the patent no for the vaxx is 666, which is the no for the mark and the name of the beast Lucifer is in the vaxx ,in the form of an enzyme named Luciferase. Im sure this just the first mark of the beast, prototype, slightly different versions will follow but the basic ingredients will have the same mrna ,which alters dna , and thus alters Gods creation. And the church in NZ is all for it apparently, pastors are getting pcr tested and jabbed, their congregations seem to think getting jabbed is positive. I asked God why ? one time and He said this is happening because the christian church in NZ has compromised with the world.

  8. This is just all bullshit , the pcr tests are useless for detecting the covid 19 virus{ cert of vacc id } even if it actually existed, which it doesn’t and there is no way to enforce people to stay away from rural vic, that is also unenforcable bs. I think we just need to ignore them and go about as normal.

  9. @ Shane Pengelly:
    We had 9 locations that was in “lockdown”.
    I completely ignored it. I travelled 100kms from where I live on many occassions during that period.
    And not one single time was I pulled over or questioned by anybody.
    Nor did I see a single police car on the road I travelled on.
    Again if you buy into this fear brooding culture it will catch up with you and your mind will become a battlefield where you will be defeated every time.
    We have to stay on the winning side. The battle belongs to the Lord and the victory belongs to us!!!

  10. @ KiwiKeith:
    How about abbreviating “build back better ” =bbb=666 …………or the supposed M on the drink called Monster . If you look at it you will notice that it consists of the Hebrew numbers 666 in close proximity. The meaning of ASTRA ( Astrazeneca) in Sanskrit is weapon.

  11. I really feel for the Aussies. No idea how you put up with this dictatorship

  12. @ George de Kock:
    I just don’t listen to them anymore aka mainstream media.
    They are all tyrrants in the hands of the NWO.
    My trust and my Hope is in Jesus, the Rock of Ages, the One Who never fails us!
    Just recently received Aussie citizenship but “We are citizens of heaven where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waitng for Him to return as our Saviour.”
    (Philippians 3:20)

  13. @ Shane Pengelly: I disagree, this is definitely the precursor for the Mark and what were being prepped for, but certain prophecy still has to be fulfilled before the mark is really here, the Lucfarace is in the quantum dot tattoo, which is developed but not yet forced on the public, that could well be the mark. Also the man of sin (anti Christ) has to declare himself the saviour in the holy temple then he will force the whole world into taking the mark. The most important thing all Christians need to remember is God wouldn’t leave a cryptic message for his children in the end times, the message is clear to anyone who seeks the truth, we’ll know were rebuking Christ and pledging alligance to Satan! All the good older people who have been duped into this because they don’t have access to the same information we do cannot be dammed for eternity because they were fooled. I do think whats in these will make people more subseptable to mind control and make them more likely to take the mark or accept the antichrist. This is the population reduction spoken of in the Bible, the antichrist will reign over all nations as a one world leader, we’ll have one currency and one religion, the stage is already set for the last two and when the population is dwindled down to a few sheep he will come in the name of peace (after war famine and disease) and be welcomed by most of the world as the true saviour
    All we can do is Pray πŸ™

  14. They have to create the illusion of a pandemic,…hence their strategy. What a load of hogwash.

  15. @ IrishEyesOpen:
    The best thing we can do is pray and ask God to fill us with His glory on a daily basis so that we could shine His light to all people around us.
    When we have God, we have a Friend and a Father who will never fail us.
    When we have God, we have everything! πŸ•Š


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