1. Of course they will say that the vaccinations will be treated like the annual flu…..after everyone (or 90% at least) has been evilised with the death jabs as a reward for being stupid. Name changing will also lead to confusion when law cases are opened against the death jab owners and victims will have to prove which model and jab maker was responsible and at what date etc. The new ones will have just a slight alteration as to protect themselves against ‘open and shut’ cases. The latest identification of the contents shows magnetic toxic graphene oxide to be the main culprit that is easily treated with NAC. Other ingredients like substances causing GBS, bells palsy etc. are maybe still added.
    It is law that all foods or medication must have a full list of the contents or ingredients and warnings attached to it and with the jabs all persons must be given this list to be informed of the contents and using it at own risk. Is it done?

  2. Big pharma need to delete the name vaccine from the syringe jabs, because its clearly not a vaccine. In NZ the vaxx roll out happens this year and those not vaxxed will be hounded and intimidated until they submit, in my case they are going to have to shoot me dead before i get jabbed.

  3. I am in the Almighty God’s hands and he knows best.
    It is HE who gave me life and only HE who can take it away.
    I will not allow a human to decide for me what is best
    for me when they want to gamble with my life.

  4. thats why you not allowed to take photos inside the vaccine centers in Germany if people don’t know,


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