1. The government and big pharma companies are playing god. They decide who lives and who dies. The government are the powers of the antichrist. These evil elites will make you believe they are saving lives. Really? There is only one God and one Son of God. There is only one saviour. Only Jesus Christ saves lives. The government is the antichrist. The government has not saved one life yet from the dead. The government is not the saviour. There is only one saviour who does save lives and his name is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ gives life to the dead.

  2. When the masses in SA realizes that they have been scammed by Ramaphosa to take the death jabs, they will start screaming “Pay back the money” like they shouted at Zuma, because they become sick and with hospital expenses and they lose their jobs for not being able to work anymore. Ramaphosa and his death squad ministers advocating and pushing the drugs for profit and rewards, will be held personally responsible and they will claim from the Government also. Getting Paid R500000 each in compensation will not pay for all the suffering now. Ramaphosa will have to run to his Gates pal for protection in America when the masses start to demand their rightful compensation. The contract of Ramaphosa with Pfizer will also be disclosed then. What if that contract show some ‘small’ kickbacks? Maybe Ramaphosa will be able to pay every vaccine injured 500 thousand each with ease. The rightful thing for Ramaphosa to do is to show all that contract and to show all was done for our good health and prosperity.

  3. Big pharma are playing God…..but compared to our Creator they are little tin Gods working in little tin huts and as for the bought doctors who push the big

    pharma’s narrative, they can bury their mistakes….it is time that all of them get prosecuted for mass genocide and given the death sentence


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